On My Mind: 12-5-18

Lots of Name Sightings - I've heard so many great names lately at work. Annabelle Ruth, siblings named Viola, Coco, Savannah, and Reed, and a little boy named Thor.

Lorelei - A friend of mine became an Uncle a while back and I just finally got to meet her. Her name is Lorelei, which I think is gorgeous. Lorelei is German and means "luring rock". In German folklore a Lorelei was a sort of mermaid or siren who would lure fishermen to their deaths. Lorelei is also the name of a rock headland on the Rhine River.

Edna - I've been watching "SS-GB" which is set in an alternate history Great Britain where the Germans won WWII. One of the main characters is played by German actor Lars Eidinger, who in real life has a daughter named Edna. I just thought it was so refreshing to see. Edna in Hebrew means "pleasure", and it is also an anglicized version of Irish Eithne, which means "kernel" or "grain".

The Children of Princess Bathildis of Schaumburg-Lippe

Princess Bathildis
Princess Bathildis of Schaumburg-Lippe was born Bathildis Marie Leopoldine Anna Auguste to Prince William of Schaumburg-Lippe and Princess Bathildis of Anhalt-Dessau. She married Friedrich, Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont. 
Their children were:

Josias Georg Wilhelm Adolf, "Josias, Hereditary Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont" - He later became a General in the SS.

Maximilian William Gustav Herman, "Prince Maximilian of Waldeck and Pyrmont"

Helene Bathildis Charlotte Maria Friederike, "Princess Helena of Waldeck and Pyrmont"

Georg Wilhelm Karl Viktor, "Prince Georg of Waldeck and Pyrmont"

Cardi B and Offset Welcome First Child Together

Offset and Cardi B

Rapper Cardi B and her husband Offset, who is a part of the music group "Migos", have welcomed their first child, a little girl who they've called Kulture Kiari. Kiari happens to be Offset's real first name. He has three other children not with Cardi, while this is her first child.

The Children of Margherita, Archduchess of Austria-Este

Princess Margherita on the cover of "Epoca" magazine, 1953

Margherita, Archduchess of Austria-Este was born Princess Margherita Isabella Maria Vittoria Emanuela Elena Gennara of Savoy-Aosta to Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta and Princess Anne of Orléans. She married Robert, Archduke of Austria-Este.
Their children are:

Maria Beatrice Anna Felicitas Zita Charlotte Adelheid Christina Elisabeth Gennara, "Archduchess Maria Beatrice of Austria-Este"

Lorenz Otto Carl Amadeus Thadeus Maria Pius Andreas Marcus d'Aviano, "Archduke Lorenz of Austria-Este", later "Prince Lorenz of Belgium"

Gerhard Thaddäus Anton Marcus d'Aviano Maria Umberto Otto Carl Amadeus, "Archduke Gerhard of Austria-Este"

Martin Carl Amadeo Maria, "Archduke Martin of Austria-Este"

Isabella Maria Laura Helena Antonia Zita Anna Gennara, "Archduchess Isabella of Austria-Este"

On My Mind: 7-2-18

Carmel and Carmella - I've been really interested in Biblical names lately, and this one is one I actually like a lot, though it's actually the name of a place in the Bible, instead of a person. Carmel comes from the title for the Virgin Mary, "Our Lady of Carmel", carmel being a mountain in Israel. I love it's meaning as well - "garden". If it's a little too abrupt for you, there's also the more romantic Carmella.

Carina - I've never given Carina a second glance until hearing it on Kaia Scodelario's character in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales". She's an astronomer, and a big plot point revolves around her and the fact that Carina is the name of a constellation which contains two stars with an combined luminosity five million times greater than the sun. Carina has a dual meaning in Latin - "dear, beloved" and "keel" as in the keel of a ship. The Carina constellation used to be apart of the Argo navis, which was supposed to be the ship that Jason and the Argonauts used to search for the golden fleece.

Names I Missed - Well I was busy Kirsten Dunst and her man Jesse Plemons had a baby and named it well - Ennis Howard Plemons. I've had a crush on Ennis ever since Heath Ledger played Ennis del Mar in "Brokeback Mountain". It comes from an Irish surname that means "island". Another couple I missed was Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, who also had a beautifully named child - Lea de Seine Cooper. De Seine comes means "the Seine", as in the Seine river in Paris and also the name of a district in which Cooper sometimes lives. Has there ever been a cooler place name than that?


Tyrone Power

Origin: Irish
Gender: Male
Meaning: "Land of Eoghan"
Pronunciation: tye-ROAN, ter-ROAN, teh-RON
Other forms: Tyron

If you're a Old Hollywood nerd like me, your first association with this name is probably quite different than most people's - that of devilishly handsome Tyrone Power.

Tyrone Power was born Tyrone Edmund Power III in Cincinnati, Ohio to Helen Emma "Patia" Reaume and Tyrone Power Sr., who was called "Fred". Tyrone was a name that went way back in the family, his father was named after his great-grandfather, an Irish actor and comedian born in 1795 - and that Tyrone came from a Tyrone as well. Power also pronounced his name similar to "teh-RON", instead of the now more common "tye-ROAN". And I don't think it's a huge jump to conclude that their name came from County Tyrone, Ireland, one of the six historic counties in the country.

Tyrone comes from Tír Eoghain, which means "land of Eoghan" a name it got because it was a conquest of the Cenél nEógain, a clan of people claiming descent from Eógan mac Néill, who among many things was claimed to have been a close friend of St. Patrick. 

Nowadays most people associate Tyrone as being a "black name", as if that's a bad thing, but I do wonder when it became so popular among black people. There are a couple of different theories I've heard - one being that the Irish and black people were both considered "underclass" and often lived close together and perhaps even married, making the name then prevalent. 

A few famous black Tyrone's are Eddie Murphy's reoccurring character Tyrone Green from "Saturday Night Live", Tyrone William Griffin, Jr., better known as rapper Ty Dolla $ign, Footballers Tyrone Berry and Tyrone Mings, and though it's not a person there's also Erykah Badu's song "Tyrone", just to name a few.

Tyrone hasn't been in the top thousand since 2015, and it's highest rank ever was in 1970 when it sat comfortably as #132, twelve years after the death of Power.

* An interesting little note is the names of Tyrone Power's three children:

Romina Francesca Power
Taryn Stephanie Power (Taryn is often cited as a feminine form of Tyrone)
Tyrone Edmund Power IV (Born two months after his untimely death)

The Queen Becomes a Great-Grandmother Again!

Mike and Zara

The Queen's granddaughter, equestrienne Zara Tindall, has given birth to another little girl, Lena Elizabeth Tindall, a sister to Mia Grace, with her husband rugby player Mike Tindall. And they have also confirmed they are pronouncing it "LAY-na" instead of "LEE-na".

On My Mind: 6-27-18

Edwige Feuillère

La Révolution française - I've been watching the two part film ("La Révolution française: les Années lumière" and "La Révolution française: les Années terribles") about the French revolution that came out in 1989 on Youtube (first part here) and greatly enjoying it. It is so far historically accurate and very educational while also being entertaining, something most films and books fail to do when dealing with such content matter. 

The cast is very pan-European and have some very interesting names. History + historically accurate costumes + interesting names = a winner for me! Below are some of the ones I like the most (I put who they played in parenthesis, as many of those are beautiful as well, or more unusual than the actor's names).

Andrezj Seweryn (Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre)
Vittorio Mezzogiorno (Jean-Paul Marat)
Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Charlotte Corday)
Liliane Rovère (A woman)
Klaus Maria Brandauer (Georges Danton)
Peter Ustinov (Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, Count of Mirabeau)
Jean-Yves Berteloot (Count Axel Fersen)
Claudia Cardinale (Yolande Martine Gabrielle de Polastron, Duchess of Polignac)
François Cluzet (Camille Desmoulins)
Marion Grimault (Louison Chabry)
Véronique Leblanc (Rosalie Lamorlière)
Raphaëline Goupilleau (Mme Drouet)

Two Surnames? - I really enjoyed this article by Mayim Bialik talking about her choice to not only keep her last name after marriage, but to give her children both hers and her husband's surnames. It's something I've thought about a lot myself, and can definitely imagine doing the same as her in the future, but also understand women who don't choose to pass on their names just as much. 

I've never been particularly fond of my surname - it's not the most pleasing to the ear, or on paper, for that matter - but something about passing it on greatly appeals to me. I'd love to hear from those who chose to hyphenate, or use their maiden name, or came up with something else entirely (ala Swedish actors Noomi and Ola Rapace, who took a new surname together)!

Edwige, Hedwig, and Jadwiga - Back onto French names. I've always fancied Edwige - pronounced "ED-VEEZH" - the French form of Germanic Hedwig. Hedwig comes from the elements hadu, which means "battle, combat", and wig which means "war", making this a very strong name. I love Germanic names - they're sharp and clunky and even if they're not the prettiest they have an undeniable strength. The German pronunciation is also my favorite - "HET-vikh". There was a 13th century Saint named Hedwig who was the wife of a Polish Duke name Henry the Bearded, and this was also the name of a Polish Queen, but in the form of Jadwiga.

Zalie - I didn't really pay too much attention to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, mostly because I felt it had all been beat to death way before anything actually happened so I'm a little behind on everything. I just found out the youngest bridesmaid was Harry's goddaughter - Zalie Warren. I'm assuming it's just a version of  Zélie, a diminutive of Azélie, which is getting more and more popular in France every year. Interestingly enough, Zalie also has a twin sister named India, but she wasn't a bridesmaid because Harry isn't her godfather.

Brigitte Nielsen Welcomes Baby Girl!


Danish actress and model, best known for playing the title role in "Red Sonja" and "Rocky IV", has given birth at age fifty-four to a girl with her husband, Mattia Dessi. They have called her Frida. She has four other children, Julian Winding, Killian Marcus Gastineau, and Douglas Aaron and Raoul, Jr. Meyer.


Tamara Karsavina
Origin: Russian
Gender: Female
Meaning: "Date palm"
Pronunciation: ta-MARR-ah, TAM-ah-ruh
Other forms: Tamar, Tammara, Tamera, Thamar, Tamari

This beautiful Russian name has almost worldwide appeal, being used in Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Italian, and Spain, just to name a few, and a rich history that lends it an almost classic appeal. Tamara comes from Biblical Tamar, a Hebrew name meaning "date palm".

The fruit of the date palm, also know as the Phoenix dactylifera, have been a staple food in the diets of the Middle East and Indus Valley for thousands of years. In Ancient Rome they used the palm fronds from this plant to symbolize victory in triumphal processions, and renderings of these plants can even be seen in frescoes from Pompeii. And for a fun little factoid dates are referenced fifty times in the Bible; twenty times in Qur'an.

The story in the Bible is as dramatic as any soap opera, but I'll try to sum it up fairly quickly - Tamar marries Judah's eldest son Er, but because he is wicked he is killed by God. Tamar then marries his second son, Onan, but he too is wicked and killed. Judah feels that Tamar might be cursed and is thus hesitant to give up his last son, Shelah, to her. So he asks her to wait until Shelah grows older, which she does readily and inn the meantime Judah's wife dies. Judah decides to travel to Timnah to shear his sheep and Tamar, disappointed in Judah for still not giving her Shelah, disguises herself as a prostitute in the hopes to conceive a child of the line of Judah.

Judah falls for it.

He pays for her with a goat, secured by his staff, seal, and cord. Three months later she is accused of prostitution for she is now visibly pregnant. Judah sentences her to be burned to death, but Tamar is clever, and shows him the staff and the seal and the cord of the man who was the father of the child, and he recognizes it as his own. It has a happy ending with Tamar giving birth to twin boys, Perez and Zerah, with Perez being identified as a ancestor of King David's, and in Ethiopic tradition, King of Persia.

There have been several famous Tamara's - prima ballerina and actress Tamara Toumanova, Israeli Olympian Tamara Metal, Soviet fighter-pilot Tamara Pamyatnykh, and artist Tamara de Lempicka to just name a few.

Pictured above is another prima ballerina, Tamara Karsavina, who was not only considered one of the greatest dancers of her time (her prime rival being Anna Pavlova), but also a great beauty. She also played the title role in "Thamar", a form of her own name, which is used in the Greek and Latin forms of the Bible. Another ballerina from her company, Lydia Sokolova, described her thus: “Tamara Karsavina was one of the rare dancers who gripped your attention whether you were watching her from the stage, from the wings or from the front of the house. I could not bear to miss any movement she made, and was sometimes so reluctant to stop watching her from the wings when I should have been changing my costume, that I was nearly late for my entrance.”

Free to a Good Home: Boys, pt. 1

"Ferdinand lured by Ariel" by John Everett Millais
Ferdinand - 
Origin: Germanic
Gender: Male
Meaning: "Brave voyager"
Pronunciation: FUR-di-nand
Other forms: Fernand, Ferran, Ferdinando, Ferdynand, Hernando, Nándor/ Ferdinanda, Fernande
Combos: Percy Ferdinand, Jasper Ferdinand, Ferdinand Xavier, Ferdinand Poe

I think this name is regal and handsome, and has a wonderful meaning along with a great history, having been used by both Shakespeare and royalty alike. Ferdinand came from Ferdinando, an old Spanish form of a Germanic name made up of the elements fardi, "journey", and nand, which meant "brave" or "daring". Put together more poetically it's "brave voyager". Ferdinand hasn't ranked in the US since 1971, when it was way at the bottom at #984.  This name first truly struck me when I saw actor Sir Ben Kingsley used it for one of his sons (the other two are named Thomas Alexis and Edmund), who is also an actor and most famously plays Charles Elmé Francatelli on "Victoria".

Soren -
Origin: Danish
Gender: Male
Meaning: "Stern"
Pronunciation: SOR-in
Other forms: Severus, Severinus, Severin, Seweryn, Severino
Combos: Nathaniel Soren, Soren Tobias, Soren Fox, Marcus Soren

This name has quite an interesting and for me, unexpected origin. Soren (Søren if you're Danish or Norwegian, Sören if you're Swedish or German) comes from Severinus, the ancient Roman family name, which itself came from the name Severus, meaning "stern" in Latin. To people outside of English speaking countries it is pronounced a variety of ways: SIR-en, SUU-ren, or ZUU-ren, which I find all very pleasing to the ear. Søren Kierkegaard was a Danish philosopher, theologian, critic, and poet to just name a few, who lived from 1813 to 1855, and was seen as a sort of precursor to the approach of existentialism. The fact that it's used in Germany is a plus for me as it could honor my heritage, and so far this one strikes as one I might use on a child. So maybe one day this post will come back to bite me!

Marius -
Origin: Roman
Gender: Male
Meaning: "Male"
Pronunciation: MAR-ee-es, MAIR-ee-es
Other forms: Mars, Mario, Marios, Marijo, Marijus, Mariusz
Combos: Marius Oleander, Marius Theron, Marius Bail, Victor Marius

One thing I really love about this name is that it is sometimes used as a male form of the name Maria, something I find so fascinating and rare. Marius is an ancient Roman family name that either came from the name of the God of war, Mars, or from the Latin maris, meaning "male". Either way the meaning remains the same as Mars is thought to come from the same place. I also like how Marius is used in so many different countries, from Germany to France to Romania, which I think lends a sort of classic feeling to it. My favorite bearer of this name is Marius Pontmercy from Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables". Another interesting namesake is that of Crown Princess Mette-Marit's first born son, Marius Borg Høiby, whom she had before marrying Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway.

On My Mind: 6-20-18

"Summer" by Henrietta R. Rae

Harpa - Summer is my least favorite season. Here in Texas it's oppressively hot -just stepping outside makes me break into a full blown sweat - and because of that I want to stay constantly indoors in the vicinity of the nearest fan. But I've always thought the name Summer was pretty, ever since I was little and I met an older girl with the name. Unfortunately nowadays it reads more 90's than fresh - but that doesn't mean you're out of options.

I stumbled across an interesting one - Harpa - which was ranked #12 in Iceland in 2015. Harpa was the name given to the first summer month in the old Icelandic calendar, which divided the year into winter and summer, both of which have six months. Where the name Harpa comes from exactly is debated; some believe it's the name of a pre-Christian Goddess, though there's not much to confirm that theory. If you're interested in more summery names check out my previous post here.

Camellia + Thoreau + More - My sister recently bought the new game "Vampyr". We're big fans of anything vampire related and the premise is intriguing - you play as a newly created vampire who also happens to be a doctor in the Spanish flu epidemic that lasted from 1918 to 1920. There's tons of great names, too. Below are some of my favorites.



Yael Stone Welcomes Baby Girl

Yael Stone
Australian Actress Yael Stone has given birth to her first child, a girl, with husband, actor Dan Spielman. They've named her Pemau, and in a statement said this about the name: "She was named after her great great great grandmother who provides a powerful link to the past, the Bancrofts' oldest link to the Djanbun clan of the Bunjalung nation."  The Bunjalung people are a tribe of Aboriginal Australians.

On My Mind: 5-30-18

"Miriam" by Anselm Feuerbach
I'm currently enjoying my first day off since the 21st so I thought I'd try and post a little bit! We've been having tons of huge school groups at work so every time before when I had a day off I just wanted rest and quiet, so blogging wasn't on the forefront of my mind. But I finally got a little bit of rest and am back in the swing of things.

My Name, 2017 Style - Time Magazine has this great little gadget where if you enter your name and birth year, it will tell you what your name would have been in 2017 going on what your name was ranked the year you were born. My name, Bree, was ranked 713th in the year I was born, making my new name Dalia. In 2016 I would have been Akira, in the 1920's I would have been called Rosebud, and in the 1900's I would have been the zippy Zara. What would you have been?

Salem - I've gotten a new cat - a kitten from a litter at my grandmother's house, which is currently being taken over by all sorts of felines. We've called him (we think it's a him!) Salem. Salem has been a guilty pleasure of mine for years, for either gender.

Miriam - At work I recently heard a little girl being called Miriam, which has really opened my eyes to the beauty of this name! Miriam was the original form of Mary and in the Bible is the older sister of Moses and Aaron.

The Children of Karl Friedrich, Prince Hohenzollern

Karl Friedrich and Alexandra
Karl Friedrich, Prince Hohenzollern was born Karl Friedrich Emich Meinrad Benedikt Fidelis Maria Michael Gerold to Friedrich Wilhelm, Prince of Hohenzollern and Princess Margarita of Leiningen. He married Countess Alexandra Shenck von Stauffenberg.
Their children are:

Alexander Friedrich Antonius Johannes, "Alexander, Hereditary Prince of Hohenzollern"

Philippa Marie Carolina Isabelle, "Princess Philippa"

Flaminia Pia Eilika Stephane, "Princess Flaminia"

Antonia Elisabeth Georgina Tatiana, "Princess Antonia"

The Child of Géraldine of Albania

Géraldine of Albania
Queen Géraldine of Albania was born Countess Géraldine Margit Virginia Olga Mária Apponyi de Nagy-Appony to Count Gyula Apponyi de Nagy-Appony and Gladys Virginia Stewart, an American woman from Virginia. She married King Zog I of Albania, who was born Ahmet Muhtar Zogolli.
They had one child:

Leka, "Leka, Crown Prince of Albania"; at birth he was called Prince Skander

Prince William and Duchess Kate Reveal Name of New Prince

William, Kate, and Louis
Prince William and Duchess Kate have revealed the name of their third child, another boy. His name is Louis Arthur Charles, and he joins elder siblings Prince George Alexander Louis and Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. It is pronounced "lou-EE".

On My Mind: 4-20-18

"Guinevere" by Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale

Guinevere - At work I overheard a girl - she was probably around four years old - being called Guinevere. I was so pleasantly surprised and it's probably one of the most unusual names I've heard being used in real life. I've always loved the name Guinevere, it's mystical and beautifully feminine without being too saccharine, and lends itself to the very usable Gwen.

Millicent - I recently saw "A Quiet Place" with a group of friends and loved it! The eldest child in the film is played by actress Millicent "Milly" Simmonds, who was excellent in the role. It was refreshing to see Millicent being used, and I think it could really make a comeback.

Family Names - I've written a few times about names of my ancestors here and here, but I've found a few more I find interesting.

First is my great-grandfather and his siblings - they were children of German immigrants:

William Charles

And then some random finds, some of the names are from Dutch ancestors all the way back in the 17th century!

Cristoffel "Stoffel" (multiple)
Valentine "Valley"
Marion (male)
O'Leavey (female)
Jan (male)

Noel Fielding Welcomes First Child

Lliana and Noel

English comedian Noel Fielding has had his first child with his girlfriend, radio presenter Lliana Bird. They haven't revealed the gender of their baby, but they have revealed the name - Dali, after artist Salvador Dalí.

The Children of Marie-Caroline de Bourbon-Sicile, duchesse de Barry

Marie-Caroline de Bourbon-Sicile, duchesse de Barry

Marie-Caroline de Bourbon-Sicile, duchesse de Barry was born Maria Carolina Ferdinanda Luise to Francis I of the Two Sicilies and Archduchess Maria Clementina of Austria. She first married Charles Ferdinand, Duke of Berry who was born Charles Ferdinand d'Artois, duc de Berry.
Their children were:

Louise Élisabeth, "Princess Louise Élisabeth", died in infancy

Louis, "Prince Louis", died in infancy

Louise Marie Thérèse d'Artois, later "Princess Louise Marie Thérèse, Duchess of Parma"

Henri Charles Ferdinand Marie Dieudonné d'Artois, "Prince Henri, duc de Bourdeaux" and later "Henri, comte de Chambord"; he was regarded as a "miracle child", because his father was assassinated seven months before his birth, and it was feared that the senior line of the House of Bourbon would soon cease to exist. This was why he was given one of his names - Dieudonné, which means "God-given".

She then married Ettore Carlo Lucchesi-Palli, 8th Duke della Grazia:

Anna Maria Rosalia Lucchesi-Palli; born during her mother's imprisonment because of her politics and the belief that her son was the legitimate heir to the throne. She had secretly married Ettore, and their baby was put into foster care with a couple until she died aged just three months.

Clementina Lucchesi-Palli, later "Countess of Zileri dal Verme"

Francesca di Paola Lucchesi-Palli, later "Princess di Arsoli"

Maria Isabella Lucchesi-Palli, later "Marchesa Cavriani", and then "Contessa di Conti"

Adinolfo Lucchesi-Palli, "Adinolfo, 9th Duke della Grazia"

Famous Name: Neko

Neko Case
Origin: Japanese
Gender: Unisex
Meaning: "Cat"
Pronunciation: NEE-ko, NEH-ko
Other forms: N/A

I kinda totally forgot about this series (oops!) but I remember that writing the first post, about the name Idina, was one of my favorites I've ever done.
This was the second one I had planned, a guilty pleasure of mine. Neko simply means "cat" in Japanese, and brings to mind two things: Maneki-neko, the lucky cat with one paw up that is featured in everything from figurines to key-chains to ornaments to even a tea infuser; the second is Virginia born singer Neko Case (and yes, that's her real name). Her parents were of Ukrainian descent, and unfortunately I've not been able to find any information on how or why her name was chosen.

Neko Case is not big enough to be an immediate thought whenever I hear the name, in truth I think of the Maneki-neko before anything else, and I think that's a charming association.
The earliest records of Maneki-neko date all the way back to 1852, but its exact origins are shrouded in mystery. Some folktales mention if a cat raises its foot to wash it's face, a visitor will soon come; others say it indicates rain.
Another more elaborate story tells that a poor shopkeeper took in a starving cat, though he barely has enough food for himself. As thanks, the cat sits in front of the shop and beckons customers inside.

I also think there is another huge consideration to make before using this name - cultural appropriation.

I'm personally not comfortable using a name from a culture radically different than my own. I'm German and Dutch for sure, Scottish and Choctaw - maybe - but I am certainly not Japanese. I think it's something to really truly discuss and think about, because as I see it, a name like Neko just doesn't belong to me, and I wouldn't want to use it, not even as a middle name.

It's a conversation that runs much deeper than just this post, and while I've thought of making a separate post to really delve into the issue, I'm afraid I wouldn't do it the justice it deserves. So instead head over to this post if you would like to learn more about the subject.

In the end it comes down to this: how much is a name worth to you?

On My Mind: 4-13-18

Well, I turned twenty-two on the seventh, and I have mixed feelings about it. I'm anxious about my future. It's still so undecided, while my peers, even people younger than me, seem to know exactly what they want. I feel both old and young. It's confusing.

And here I am again, trying to make myself post here more often but procrastinating as I do on everything. I feel like I'm running out of ideas (something I never thought I'd say!) regarding this blog, so if anyone has suggestions on something they'd like to see, please let me know!

Thyme - There's a new male model on the circuit, and his name is Thyme Stidworthy. I haven't been able to find much information on him or his origins, though. I think it's fascinating to see a name like this on a guy, and very refreshing.

Hetta, Merripen, and Jolyon - I recently finished an excellent novel by Laura Purcell called "The Silent Companions". If you love Gothic horror like I do, you should definitely check it out. In the book the protagonist, Elsie, has a younger brother by the name of Joylon, called "Jo" affectionately. I've always loved this name, and think it has a bouncing, boyish charm.
Another character, a Romani boy, is called Merripen. It could mean anything from "manner, fashion" to "death" in Romani, the latter being extremely fitting if true.
And the mysterious daughter of a former inhabitant of the house in which Elsie moves into is called Henrietta Maria after Queen Henrietta Maria of France, wife of Charles I. She goes by the nickname Hetta

Olympic Names 2018: Part Two

Yuzuru Hanyu

On to the men now!

Asa Miller (Filipino-American)

Blaise Giezendanner (French)

Casper Dyrbye Næsted (Danish)
Charles "Chay" Genoway (Canadian)

Dorian Hauterville (French)

Florent Claude (Belgian)

Gilmore Junio (Canadian)

Ilkka Herola (Finnish)
Irineu Esteve Altimiras (Andorran)

Jan Vrba (Czech)
Jules Lapierre (French)

Lascelles Brown (Canadian - born and raised in Jamaica)
Lennard "Len" Väljas (Canadian - is of Estonian descent)
Linden Vey (Canadian)

MacKenzie Boyd-Clowes (Canadian)
Maxence Parrot (Canadian)

Neville Wright (Canadian)

Odirlei Pessoni (Brazilian)

Pekka Koskela (Finnish)
Pita Taufatofua (Tongan)

Rhys Thornbury (New Zealand)
Ristomatti Hakola (Finnish)

Stanislau Hladchenko (Belarusian)

Teal Harle (Canadian)
Ted-Jan Bloemen (Canadian - was raised in the Netherlands but has a Canadian father)
Tormis Laine (Estonian)

Veselin Tzinov (Bulgarian)

Willis Feasey (New Zealand)

Yuzuru Hanyu (Japanese)

Princess Madeleine of Sweden Welcomes Baby Girl

Leonore and Nicolas with baby Adrienne

Princess Madeleine of Sweden and her husband Christopher O'Neill have welcomed their third child, a girl they have called Adrienne Josephine Alice. Their other children are four-year-old Leonore Lilian Maria and two-year-old Nicolas Paul Gustaf.

On My Mind: 2-22-18

Poster featuring Svetlana

Svetlana, Sveta, and Severija - I've been watching and enjoying Babylon Berlin on Netflix. It's a German TV show following a cop new to Berlin who uncovers much more than he signed up for.
One of the characters in the show is Countess Svetlana "Sveta" Sorokina, a white Russian who sings at a cabaret, and who is playing all the sides - she is lover to Trotskyist Alexei Kardakov, right wing industrialist Alfred Nyssen, and is even working for the Soviet secret police.
Svetlana (called Sveta by her lover) comes from the Slavic svet, meaning "light, world". Interestingly enough, it is sometimes used as a translation of Photine, most likely because they have the same meanings. The character is played by a Lithuanian actress named Severija Janušauskaitė. I couldn't find any information on the name, but I assume it's a form of Severa or Severina.

Zaida - At work the other day there was a little girl called Zaida. It was pronounced "ZAY-da" and I thought it had a wonderful, modern, slightly sci-fi sound to it. Zaida is Arabic, and the feminine form of Zayd or Zaid, and means "to increase".

Medieval Italian Names - Boys

Self portrait by artist Bartolommeo "Baccio" Bandinelli

Bonanno - Means "good year"
Brancaleone - Means either "a lion's paw" or "he who captures the lion"
Grifo - Means "griffin"
Lancillotto - Italian form of Lancelot
Torchitorio - The name of several "Giudices" of Caligari - Giudices, which translates into "judges", were rulers of their local places
Zanobi - Tuscan form of Zenobio

Medieval Italian Names - Girls

"Belcolore" by Rossetti

I have a great love for Italian names - to me they represent some of the most gorgeous, romantic names in the world, so I was head over heels for most of the names on this list! I can't verify the authenticity of these being used during the Medieval era, so take that with a grain of salt, but I couldn't not post about some of them. Please let me know your favorites and thoughts!

Belcolore - Means "beautiful color", used by Boccaccio in "The Decameron"
Ghisolabella - A real life Ghisolabella was the sister of Venedico Caccianemico, a 13th-century politician; both were mentioned in Dante's "Inferno"
Pantasilea - Italian form of Penthesilea
Smeralda - Means "emerald" - this was the name of Botticelli's mother
Vannozza - Vannozza dei Cattanei was the mistress of Pope Alexander VI and the mother of Cesare, Lucrezia, Giovanni, and Gioffre Borgia

Olympic Names 2018: Part One

Maé-Bérénice Méité

I love watching the Olypmics, and one of the major reasons is to see all the wonderful names. I've done quite a few posts on them before (click here to view them!), so I knew I had to do some more this year!
Here are a few of the names I found most interesting.

Akuoma Omeoga (Nigerian)

Blayre Turnbull (Canadian)
Breanna "Breezy" Johnson (American)
Brita Sigourney (American)

Cendrine Browne (Canadian)
Cornelia Hütter (Austrian)

Desislava Stoyanova (Bulgarian)
Dorothea Wierer (Italian)
Dunja Zdouc (Austrian)

Ebba Andersson (Swedish)
Emőke Szőcs (Hungarian)
Esmee Visser (Dutch)
Estelle Alphand (Swedish)
Ewa Kuls-Kusyk (Polish)

Fanuza Kadirova (Russian)
Federica Brignone (Italian)
Freydís-Halla Einarsdóttir (Icelandic)
Frida Hansdotter (Swedish)

Gaia Vuerich (Italian)
Galina Arsenkina (Russian)
Gigi Marvin (American)

Ingvild Flugstad Østberg (Norwegian)

Keaton McCargo (American)
Kerttu Niskanen (Finnish)
Kikkan Randall (American - her name was a compromise between her parents: her father wanted to name her Kikki after Kikki Cutter, and her mother wanted to call her Meghan)
Kailani Craine (Australian)

Laurence St. Germain (Canadian)
Laurien van der Graaff (Swiss)
Lee Yu-bin (South Korean)

Maame Biney (American)
Maé-Bérénice Méité (French)
Mialitiana Clerc (Malagasy)
Minatsu Murase (Swedish)
Mirabelle Thovex (French)
Miyabi Onitsuka (Japanese)

Pernilla Winberg (Swedish)
Perrine Laffont (French)

Queralt Castellet (Spanish)

Rosalind Groenewoud (Canadian)

Saskia Alusalu (Estonian)
Shim Suk-hee (South Korean)
Simone Wild (Swiss)
Sylwia Jaśkowiec (Polish)
Synnøve Solemdal (Norwegian)

Takako Oguchi (Japanese)

Vedrana Malec (Croatian)

The Children of Knud, Hereditary Prince of Denmark

Prince Knud with his wife (center) and three children

I've really missed doing these, and after a very long break I'm hoping to get back into them! If you have any suggestions of royals you'd like to see featured, please let me know!

Knud, Hereditary Prince of Denmark was born Knud Christian Frederik Michael to Christian X of Denmark and Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. He married Princess Caroline-Mathilde of Denmark, who's full name was Caroline-Mathilde Louise Dagmar Christine Maud Augusta Ingeborg Thyra Adelheid. She was named after her grandmother, and was called "Calma" by her family.
Their children were:

Elisabeth Caroline-Mathilde Alexandrine Helena Olga Thyra Feodora Estrid Margarethe Désirée, "Princess Elisabeth of Denmark"

Ingolf Christian Frederik Knud Harald Gorm Gustav Viggo Valdemar Aage, "Prince Ingolf of Denmark"; he lost his title when he married someone without his parents consent he is now "Count Ingolf of Rosenborg"

Christian Frederik Franz Knud Harald Carl Oluf Gustav Georg Erik, "Prince Christian of Denmark", also lost his title for marrying without consent and became "Count Christian of Rosenborg"

On My Mind: 2-14-2018

L-R: Aud Johansen, Enid Smeedon, and Audrey Hepburn

Aud - I stumbled upon some photos of Audrey Hepburn during her days as a chorus girl - she was posing on top of a building with some other chorus girls and some ice in a bid to stay cool during a summer day. The other girls were Enid Smeedon and Aud Johansen. I thought Aud's name was especially interesting. Aud is the modern form of Auðr, an old Norse name meaning "wealth, prosperity".

Dulcinea - A gorgeous name, especially for those who like longer, more dramatic options. Dulcinea would be a lovely name for a Valentine's baby - it comes from the Spanish dulce, meaning "sweet", and was invented by Miguel de Cervantes for the love interest of Don Quixote.

Pollux - I was surprised by this name's meaning - "very sweet" - because I don't think I've ever seen a boy's name with a meaning like it. In Greek mythology, Pollux is the twin of Castor, sons of Zeus, and the constellation Gemini is meant to represent them.

Romantic: Boys

"Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog" by Caspar David Friedrich
For boys I imagine men in fancy suits or cravats, walking together on a misty moor, or a little boy lost in the library of a crumbling estate. Smells are leather, grass, plain white candles, and books. Sounds are a bird's call from somewhere far away, the ocean, feet crunching on gravel.


Julius and Julian


Names from Ogden's St. Julien Cigarette Cards - Pt. 2

Here's the second and last part to the previous post. Hope everyone who read enjoyed!

Madge Lessing
Margaret Halston
Marie George
Marie Studholme
Miss Flopp
Miss Forster
Miss Fortescue
Miss Kerin
Miss M. Morris
Miss M. Sayre
Miss Marie Shields
Miss McNaughton
Miss R. Maitland
Mrs. Brown Potter
Mrs. Patrick Campbell
Muriel Beaumont
Nina Sevening
Nora Lancaster
Olga Nethersole
Phyllis Rankin
Ruby Verdi
Sarah Brooke
Vera Beringer
Winifred Emery

Names from Ogden's St. Julien Cigarette Cards - Pt. 1

Starting in 1875 in the US by the Allen and Ginter tobacco company, cigarette cards, which were sold in packs of cigarettes to not only stiffen the cigarette package, but also as a bit of clever advertising. They would feature anything from boxers, actresses, nature, military heroes, and sportsmen.

They went extinct during WWII, being discontinued to save paper, and never really picked back up, however one company, Doral, started trying to do so in 2000.
I came upon the Ogden's St. Julien collection called "beauty series" featuring actresses some time in the 1900's, and thought it would rather interesting to list their names!

Tell me what you think of this post, and which names were your favorites, of course!

Blanche Thorpe
Cissie Loftus
Clara Butt
Dora Barton
Dorothea Baird
Esme Beringer
Ethel Barrymore
Ethel Irving
Ethel Matthews
Evelyn Millard
Frances Earle
Helen Macbeth
Hilda Gunn
Isabel Jay
Jane May
Jessie Mooney
Julia Arthur
Kate Cove
Lena Ashwell
Lettice Fairfax
Lilian Braithwaite
Lily Brayton
Lily Hanbury
Lily Langtry
Louie Pounds
Mabelle Gillman

On My Mind: 1-10-18

Happy New Year!

Timothée - The first time this name really caught my attention was on actor Timothée Chalamet, a breakout star of the coming of age film "Call Me by Your Name". It is simply the French form of Timothy, pronounced vaguely like TEE-MAW-TAE. Chalamet, who was raised primarily in Hell's Kitchen, is the son of a Jewish mother and French father, and has a sister who lives in Paris named Pauline. He is fluent in French, and spent summers in "a little village about two hours outside of Lyon".

Mauricio/Maurizio/Maurício - At work there was a large foreign family, and I overheard the youngest member being called one of these names. I originally thought they were Spanish, but their pronunciation makes me lean towards the second option listed above, which is Italian. The name was really beautiful to hear, and I've taken quite a shine to it since hearing it.

Caleb - I've always liked this classic, Biblical option, and 2018 is the year of the dog, making this name especially appropriate. It is thought to mean "dog", or alternately, "whole-hearted".