Cardi B and Offset Welcome First Child Together

Offset and Cardi B

Rapper Cardi B and her husband Offset, who is a part of the music group "Migos", have welcomed their first child, a little girl who they've called Kulture Kiari. Kiari happens to be Offset's real first name. He has three other children not with Cardi, while this is her first child.

The Children of Margherita, Archduchess of Austria-Este

Princess Margherita on the cover of "Epoca" magazine, 1953

Margherita, Archduchess of Austria-Este was born Princess Margherita Isabella Maria Vittoria Emanuela Elena Gennara of Savoy-Aosta to Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta and Princess Anne of Orléans. She married Robert, Archduke of Austria-Este.
Their children are:

Maria Beatrice Anna Felicitas Zita Charlotte Adelheid Christina Elisabeth Gennara, "Archduchess Maria Beatrice of Austria-Este"

Lorenz Otto Carl Amadeus Thadeus Maria Pius Andreas Marcus d'Aviano, "Archduke Lorenz of Austria-Este", later "Prince Lorenz of Belgium"

Gerhard Thaddäus Anton Marcus d'Aviano Maria Umberto Otto Carl Amadeus, "Archduke Gerhard of Austria-Este"

Martin Carl Amadeo Maria, "Archduke Martin of Austria-Este"

Isabella Maria Laura Helena Antonia Zita Anna Gennara, "Archduchess Isabella of Austria-Este"

On My Mind: 7-2-18

Carmel and Carmella - I've been really interested in Biblical names lately, and this one is one I actually like a lot, though it's actually the name of a place in the Bible, instead of a person. Carmel comes from the title for the Virgin Mary, "Our Lady of Carmel", carmel being a mountain in Israel. I love it's meaning as well - "garden". If it's a little too abrupt for you, there's also the more romantic Carmella.

Carina - I've never given Carina a second glance until hearing it on Kaia Scodelario's character in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales". She's an astronomer, and a big plot point revolves around her and the fact that Carina is the name of a constellation which contains two stars with an combined luminosity five million times greater than the sun. Carina has a dual meaning in Latin - "dear, beloved" and "keel" as in the keel of a ship. The Carina constellation used to be apart of the Argo navis, which was supposed to be the ship that Jason and the Argonauts used to search for the golden fleece.

Names I Missed - Well I was busy Kirsten Dunst and her man Jesse Plemons had a baby and named it well - Ennis Howard Plemons. I've had a crush on Ennis ever since Heath Ledger played Ennis del Mar in "Brokeback Mountain". It comes from an Irish surname that means "island". Another couple I missed was Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, who also had a beautifully named child - Lea de Seine Cooper. De Seine comes means "the Seine", as in the Seine river in Paris and also the name of a district in which Cooper sometimes lives. Has there ever been a cooler place name than that?


Tyrone Power

Origin: Irish
Gender: Male
Meaning: "Land of Eoghan"
Pronunciation: tye-ROAN, ter-ROAN, teh-RON
Other forms: Tyron

If you're a Old Hollywood nerd like me, your first association with this name is probably quite different than most people's - that of devilishly handsome Tyrone Power.

Tyrone Power was born Tyrone Edmund Power III in Cincinnati, Ohio to Helen Emma "Patia" Reaume and Tyrone Power Sr., who was called "Fred". Tyrone was a name that went way back in the family, his father was named after his great-grandfather, an Irish actor and comedian born in 1795 - and that Tyrone came from a Tyrone as well. Power also pronounced his name similar to "teh-RON", instead of the now more common "tye-ROAN". And I don't think it's a huge jump to conclude that their name came from County Tyrone, Ireland, one of the six historic counties in the country.

Tyrone comes from Tír Eoghain, which means "land of Eoghan" a name it got because it was a conquest of the Cenél nEógain, a clan of people claiming descent from Eógan mac Néill, who among many things was claimed to have been a close friend of St. Patrick. 

Nowadays most people associate Tyrone as being a "black name", as if that's a bad thing, but I do wonder when it became so popular among black people. There are a couple of different theories I've heard - one being that the Irish and black people were both considered "underclass" and often lived close together and perhaps even married, making the name then prevalent. 

A few famous black Tyrone's are Eddie Murphy's reoccurring character Tyrone Green from "Saturday Night Live", Tyrone William Griffin, Jr., better known as rapper Ty Dolla $ign, Footballers Tyrone Berry and Tyrone Mings, and though it's not a person there's also Erykah Badu's song "Tyrone", just to name a few.

Tyrone hasn't been in the top thousand since 2015, and it's highest rank ever was in 1970 when it sat comfortably as #132, twelve years after the death of Power.

* An interesting little note is the names of Tyrone Power's three children:

Romina Francesca Power
Taryn Stephanie Power (Taryn is often cited as a feminine form of Tyrone)
Tyrone Edmund Power IV (Born two months after his untimely death)