On My Mind: 1-30-17

French actress Suzanne Bianchetti
Suzanne - I'm really intrigued by this name here lately, after first coming across it in this post on Jolis Prénoms, and then realizing it was quite popular in France. Could it work over here?

Gustaf - I was really pleasantly surprised when I saw this name in this post The Best Gift of Life, where it was this woman, Emelie's, husband's name. Gustaf is an absolute guilty pleasure of mine, and I love seeing it in use. They also have a equally wonderfully named daughter, Nico Anaïs Rio Belle - she goes simply by her second middle name.

Colter - At my job I meet a ton of kids. The other day I met a little boy named Colter (not sure on the spelling). I wonder if it was a family name? Possibly inspired by explorer John Colter? I can only hope it wasn't after a certain Ms. Coulter...

Model Names: Boys, no. 1

Kit Butler - Britain

Elvis Jankus - Germany

Lestat McCree - Britain

Golo Fischer - Switzerland

Marlon Nicolaisen - Germany

Oliver Kumbi - Sweden

Merlin Watts - Britain

Albin Ekblad - Sweden

Sven de Vries - The Netherlands

Barclay Bram - Britain

Flint Louis Hignett - The Netherlands?

Sholto Price - Britain

Loup-Divi Fayard - France

Tuur Sikkink - The Netherlands

Ossian Fjordefalk - Sweden

Corentin Renault - France

Bart Grein - The Netherlands

Luis Dzidzornu - Britain

Hamilton Seguin - Monte Carlo

Keisuke Asano - Japan

Chariffe Greaves - Britain

Keon Smith - America

Senna van Plateringen - The Netherlands

Huw Mitchell - Britain

Free to a Good Home: Girls, pt. 2

Anouk Aimée
Anouk -
Origin: Dutch and French
Gender: Female
Meaning: A diminutive of Anna, "favor" or "grace"
Pronunciation: ah-NOOK
Other forms: Anna, Anke, Anneke, Ninon
Combos: Anouk Meraud, Anouk Evangeline, Penelope Anouk, Marianne Anouk, Sophie Anouk

Anouk is another one of those "if I was French/Dutch I would totally use that" sort of names. While I think Anouk would fit in swimmingly in America, it's just not for me to use. French actress Anouk Aimée was born Nicole Françoise Florence Sorya Dreyfus to actor Henri Murray (Henry Dreyfus) and actress Geneviève Sorya. She made her film debut at age fourteen, playing "Anouk" in La Maison sous la mer, and kept the name. Later, while writing Les amants de Vérone specifically for her, Jacques Prévert suggested she take the last name Aimée (which means "beloved" in French) "that would forever associate her with the affective power of her screen roles."

Meraud -
Origin: Cornish
Gender: Female
Meaning: Possibly having something to do with "sea"
Pronunciation: N/A
Other forms: N/A
Combos: Meraud Daylily, Meraud Violet, Josephine Meraud, Daphne Meraud, Meraud Pearl

A recent discovery and fancy, I found Meraud in this post on British Baby Names. It's meaning is unknown, but possibly has something to do with the Cornish mor, "sea". While it may be a little too adventurous for some as a first name, I think it makes an unusual and stunning middle.

Munro -
Origin: Scottish
Gender: Unisex
Meaning: "From the mouth of the Roe"
Pronunciation: mun-ROE
Other forms: Monroe, Munrowe, Monrowe
Combos: Delia Munro, Kitty Munro, Sibylla Munro, Felicity Munro, Munro Delphine

My favorite spelling of the name, (it brings to mind strong-willed Cora Munro from The Last of the Mohicans) this version could even get away with being a bit of a nature name - In Scotland any mountain over 3'000 feet is called a "munro". They are named after Sir Hugh Munro, 4th Baronet, who was the one who first wrote a list of these hills. The most well known munro is the Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles. Another nature connection is in the meaning,"from the mouth of the Roe", the Roe being a river in Northern Ireland.

Model names: Girls, no. 2

Vittoria Ceretti - Italy

Andie Arthur - America

Sora Choi - Korea

Priscila Uchoa - Brazil

Nova Orchid - Australia

Kiki Willems - The Netherlands

Odette Pavlova - Russia

Roos Abels - The Netherlands

Charlene Högger - Germany

Malaika Firth - Britain/Kenya

Estelle Chen - France

Ruth Bell - Britain

Nejilka Arias - America

Ellen Rosa - Brazil

Tess Hellfeuer - Germany

Iris Strubegger - Austria

Ulrikke Høyer - Denmark

Adut Akech Bior - Sudan

Londone Myers - America

Zhenya Migovych - Ukraine

Gwenola Guichard - France

On My Mind: 1-16-17

Nolwenn Leroy
Nolwenn - This charming Breton name is said to come from the phrase "Noyal gwenn", meaning "holy one from Noyal" (though some claim it means "white lamb"), is one I can't get my mind off of. It would fit in perfectly in America, and is unusual without being too strange. Breton singer Nolwenn Leroy is also beautiful in a mystical, Arthurian way that only adds to name's charms.

Ellis - I watched the WWII film "Black Book", which tells the story of Rachel Stein who, in order to survive, starts working for the Dutch resistance under the name of Ellis de Vries. I can't find any information on the name's use among the Dutch but I think it's really lovely.

Mahershalalhashbaz and Amatus - I recently watched a clip of actor Mahershala Ali on Jimmy Kimmel talking about the baby he's expecting, and how they want something unique, but maybe not as unusual as their names. They talk some about his name, and how Mahershala is actually a nickname - his full name is Mahershalalhashbaz, the longest word in the Bible and the name of the prophet Isaiah's son. It means "hurry to the spoils!". His wife's name is Amatus - which means "beloved" in Latin, and was the name of a 7th-century (male) saint.


The American Girl, August 1935
Yikes, I got sidetracked again! I'm so sorry and I'm definitely finishing these this time!

August is the eighth month of the year. Originally called Sextillis, as it was the sixth month of the original Roman calendar, it wasn't until 8 BC that it became the eighth month and was renamed after Augustus. It was a month of many festivals, like Tiberinalia, which honored the god "Father Tiber" or Tiberius, and celebrated agricultural bounty, or Nemoralia, the "festival of torches", which celebrated the goddess Diana Nemorensis or Diana of Nemi, "Diana of the woods". This festival was later adapted into The Feast of Assumption. During August there are several meteor showers that are visible, like the Kappa Cygnids, and the Southern Delta Aquariids, named after the brightest star, Delta Aquarii in the constellation Aquarius.

The birthstones of August are peridot and sardonyx, a type of red onyx. Flowers are the gladiolus, also known as the "sword lily", and the poppy. Zodiac signs are Leo the lion, and the virgin Virgo, based on a maiden known as Astraea, who in Greek mythology was the last immortal to leave earth when the other gods fled to Olympus.

August in other languages: Agosto (Spanish), Augustus (Dutch), Elokuu (Finnish), Agasata (Punjabi)
August as a name: August, Augusta/Augustus, Augustine, Auguste, Avgust/Avgusta
Flowers: Poppy, Amapola (poppy in Spanish), Unikko (poppy in Finnish) Stellatus (a type of gladiolus), Priscilla (a gladiolus hybrid)
Gems: Peridot, Olivine (peridot is a type of Olivine)
Zodiac: Leo, Ari ("Lion"), Ariel ("Lion of God"), Lev ("Lion"), Leonidas, Leontina ("Lion"); Dido (Possibly "virgin"), Parthenia ("Maiden, virgin"), Virginia (Meaning unknown, but historically associated with virgo), Astraea/Astraia/Astra
Eighth: Octavius/Octavia/Octavian/Octave ("Eighth")
Other: Diana, Delta, Nemi