Names from the Men's 100m Backstroke Heats

Matt Grevers, fastest in the heats

Heat 6

1. Matthew "Matt" Grevers - U.S. - Time: 52.92. seconds
2. Cheng Feiyi - China - 53.22
3. Ryosuke Irie - Japan - 53.56
4. Nick Driebergen - Netherlands - 53.62
5. Hayden Stoeckel - Australia - 53.88
6. Gareth Kean - New Zealand - 54.26
7. Daniel Arnamnart - Australia - 54.28
8. Charl Crous - South Africa - 55.37

Heat 5

1. Camille Lacourt - France - 53.51
2. Liam Tancock - Britain - 53.86
3. Arkady Vyatchanin - Russia - 54.01
4. Jan-Philip Glania - Germany - 54.07
5. Charles Francis - Canada - 54.08
6. Aristeidis Grigoriadis - Greece - 54.52
7. Marcin Tarczynski - Poland - 55.06
8. Benjamin Stasiulis - France - 55.36

Heat 4

1. Nick Thoman - U.S. - 53.48
2. Helge Meeuw - Germany - 53.83
3. Vladimir Morozov - Russia - 54.01
4. Aschwin Wildeboer - Spain - 54.36
5. Bastiaan Lijesen - Netherlands - 54.88
6. Yakov Toumarkin - Israel - 54.91
7. Juan Miguel Rando - Spain - 54.93
8. Daniel Orzechowski - Brazil - 55.16

Heat 3

1. Pavel Sankovich - Belarus - 54.53
2. Mirco Di Tora - Italy - 54.70
3. Christopher Walker-Hebborn - Britain - 54.78
4. He Jianbin - China - 54.81
5. Richard Bohus - Hungary - 54.84
6. Lavrans Solli - Norway - 55.00
7. Mathias Gydesen - Denmark - 55.31
8. Daniel Bell - New Zealand - 55.53

Heat 2

1. George Bovell - Trinidad and Tobago - 55.22
2. Omar Pinzon - Colombia - 55.37
3. Pedro Medel - Cuba - 55.40
4. Oleksandr Isakov - Ukraine - 55.43
5. Park Seonkwan - Korea - 55.51
6. Alexandre Tarabrin - Kazakhstan - 55.55
7. I Gede Sudartawa - Indonesia - 55.99
8. Federico Grabich - Argentina - 56.56

Heat 1

1. Bradley Ally - Barbados - 56.27
2. Heshan Unamboowe - Sri Lanka - 57.94
3. Zane Jordan - Zambia - 58.77

Qualified for the Next Round:

1. Matthew "Matt" Grevers
2. Cheng Feiyi
3. Nicholas Thoman
4. Camille Lacourt
5. Ryosuke Irie
6. Nick Driebergen
7. Helge Meeuw
8. Liam Tancock
9. Hayden Stoeckel
10. Vladimir Molozov
11. Arkady Vyatchanin
12. Jan-Philip Glania
13. Charles Francis
14. Gareth Kean
15. Daniel Arnamnart
16. Aschwin Wildeboer

Names from the Women's Swimming 100m Backstroke Heats

Emily Seebohm, who had the best time out of all the heats

I have to admit, I am fascinated with the Olympics. Not only do I love to watch all of the different sports, but I love to see the names from the different countries. Here are the names of the women from the 100m backstroke heats that went on earlier today.

Heat 6

1. Melissa "Missy" Franklin - U.S. - Time: 59.37 Seconds
2. Belinda Hocking - Australia - 59.61
3. Aya Terakawa - Japan - 59.82
4. Fu Yuanhui - China - 59.96
5. Simona Baumrtova - Czech Republic - 59.99
6. Alexianne Castel - France - 1:00.16
7. Jenny Mensing - Germany - 1:00.72
8. Laure Manaudou - France - 1:01.03

Heat 5

1. Anastasia Zueva - Russia - 59.88
2. Julia Wilkinson - Canada - 59.94
3. Rachel Bootsma - U.S. - 1:00.03
4. Gemma Spofforth - Britain - 1:00.05
5. Sinead Russell - Canada - 1:00.10
6. Daryna Zevina - Ukraine - 1:00.57
7. Fabiola Molina - Brazil - 1:01.40
8. Elena Gemo - Italy - 1:01.77

Heat 4

1. Emily Seebohm - Australia - 58.23
2. Georgia Davies - Britain - 59.92
3. Zhao Jing - China - 59.97
4. Kirsty Conventry - Zimbabwe - 1:00.24
5. Arianna Babieri - Italy - 1:00.25
6. Mie Nielsen - Denmark - 1:00.38
7. Duane Da Rocha - Spain - 1:00.57
8. Sharon von Rouwendaal - Netherlands - 1:0061

Heat 3

1. Fernanda Gonzalez - Mexico - 1:01.28
2. Alicja Tchorz - Poland - 1:01.44
3. Carolina Colorado - Colombia - 1:01.81
4. Kimberly Buys - Belgium - 1:01.92
5. Melissa Ingram - New Zealand - 1:01.94
6. Ekaterina Avramova - Bulgaria - 1:02.20
7. Therese Svendsen - Sweden - 1:03.11
8. Stephanie Au Hoi Shun - Hong King, China - 1:04.31

Heat 2

1. Tao Li - Singapore - 1:01.60
2. Eyglo Osk Gustafsdottir - Iceland - 1:02.40
3. Melanie Nocher - Ireland - 1:02.44
4. Anja Carmen - Slovenia - 1:02.68
5. Sanja Jovanovic - Croatia - 1:03.38
6. Eszter Povazsay - Hungary - 1:03.55
7. Yekaterina Rudenko - Kazakhstan - 1:03.64
8. Hazal Sarikaya - Turkey - 1:04.80

Heat 1

1. Karen Vilorio - Honduras - 1:06.38
2. Monica Ramirez - Andorra - 1:07.72
3. Ines Remersaro - Uruguay - 1:08.03
4. Anahit Barseghyan - Armenia - 1:08.19
5. Angelique Trinquier - Monaco - 1:10.79

Qualified for the Next Round:

1.Emily Seebohm
2. Melissa "Missy" Franklin
3. Belinda Hocking
4. Aya Terakawa
5. Anastasia Zueva
6. Georgia Davies
7. Julia Wilkinson
8. Fu Yuanhui
9. Zhao Jing
10. Simona Baumrtova
11. Rachel Bootsma
12. Gemma Spofforth
13. Sinead Russell
14. Alexianne Casel
15. Kirsty Coventry
16. Arianna Barbieri

Neglected Gems - Girls - Part One

"Sketch of Aphra Behn" by George Scharf

Today we will be discussing names that I think have yet to really be discovered, but definitely should be. I will try to keep the names out of the the top 1000 of the US.

Aphra - Does Not Rank in US - The meaning of Aphra is unknown, although there is some speculation that it could be a form of Aphrah, a place in the Bible, which means "dust", or possible a form of Afra, which was the nickname Romans gave African women. While that may keep some people from using it, the namesake Aphra Behn should surely improve the image. She was a dramatist and one of the first female writers. She was born sometime during the 1600s and is sometimes her name is given as Eaffry. Aphra married Johan Behn in 1664, but he died only a few years into the marriage. Not only did Aphra write "Oroonoko", which was the first ever novel to show black Africans in a sympathetic light, she also worked as a spy for King Charles II, and was given the code name Astrea. She was rebellious and analyzed and wrote about female sexual desires as well. Another similar and underused name is Abra, which could possibly be a feminine form of Abraham.

Bathsheba - Does Not Rank in US - What's not to love? It is dramatic, a litte frilly, but strong, and it has the readily available nickname Sheba. But then, there is her story in the Bible. Bathsheba means "daughter of the oath" in Hebrew, and is the wife of King David in the Bible. The story goes that David sees Bathsheba bathing on the rooftop, who was at the time, married to Uriah the Hittite, and seduced her and begat a child on her. So David tried to make Uriah re-consummate his marriage with Bathsheba, so he would think the child was his, but he would not agree to it, because he was serving in the army and wanted to stay with his troops (or something like that). David, who at his wits end after trying to convince Uriah to sleep with Bathsheba, he finally had Uriah sent to the front lines and he was killed. David then married Bathsheba. Needless to say, God was not happy with this. He sent Nathan the Prophet to tell scold David, and David said he was truly sorry. Bathsheba's baby came down with a horrible illness and died. David's son Abasolam then plunged the Kingdom into civil war, and to manifest his claim as the new King, had sex publicly with ten of his father's concubines. When David grew old, Bathsheba secured the position of King for her son Solomon, instead of David's eldest son Adonjiah, and the rest is history. I really don't think people should blame Bathsheba, after all, it was David's fault!

Cressida - Does Not Rank in US - Cressida is a medieval form of the name Chryseis, which means "golden". It's most famous bearer is probably from "Troilus and Cressida" by Shakespeare. This story has been around forever, long before Shakespeare though. It goes that Cressida is a Trojan woman, the daughter of Calchas, who falls in love with Troilus, the youngest child of King Priam. She pledges her everlasting to him, but is then captured by the Greeks, and starts to have an affair with a Greek warrior named Diomedes. Let's just say, things do not go well for the two lovers, and all is ended between them. Cressida is a beautiful, mythical, and literary choice.

Dido - Does Not Rank in US - I have to say, I just love this name. Dido is pronounced "DYE-doh", and possibly means "virgin" in Phoenician. This is the name of the Queen of Carthage in Virgil's "Aeneid". She falls in love with Aeneas who is a Trojan and the son of Venus. Unfortunately, after the two consummate their love, Aeneas is reminded of his duty to go to war, and Dido kills herself by stabbing herself on a pyre using Aeneas' sword. As she dies she says that her people and Aeneas' people, will always be at war.

Euphemia - Does Not Rank in US - I have loved this name since I first heard it in the show "True Women", in which Euphemia was called Phemie by friends. I think it so beautiful, and sadly underused. Euphemia comes from the Greek eu meaning "good" and phemi which means "to speak", so it is roughly translated as "to speak well". Not only does it have a vast amount of darling nicknames, like Eppie, Effie, and Phemie, it was always the name of a martyred saint from Chalcedon.

Ffion - Does Not Rank in US - Ffion is a beauty. It is the Welsh word for "foxglove", the highly poisonous plant. I believe it is pronounced FEE-on, but if anybody knows for sure, feel free to tell me. In Wales, it is said that fairies often are found lurking in foxgloves and they are sometimes called "fairy-folks-fingers".

Gardenia - Does Not Rank in US - Flower names are definitely in, so I'm surprised Gardenia hasn't become more popular. Gardenias are very beautiful (usually) white, evergreen flowers. They are said to have a very sweet scent. They get there name from the Scottish born American botanist named Dr. Alexander Garden. Billie Holliday was known for wearing gardenias in her hair, which she called her trademark. The gardenia was also Sigmund Freud's favorite flower.

Hebe - Does Not Rank in US - A favorite of mine from Greek mythology, Hebe is probably not going to get popular anytime soon, mainly because many associate it with the term "the heebie-jeebies". Hebe means "youth" and fittingly so, she is the Goddess of youth. She was the daughter of Zeus and Hera, and a cupbearer to the Gods, in which she served them ambrosia and nectar. Hebe married Heracles, or Hercules, with which she had two children, Alexiares and Anicetus. Her Roman equivalent, Juventas, is also a name possibility.

Indira - Does Not Rank in US - This lovely name means "beauty" in Sanskrit, and is another name for the Goddess Lakshmi, wife to Vishnu. This name has a great sound, meaning, history, and can lead to one of the most sought after nicknames, Indy. Indira Gandhi was India's first female prime minister and the beautiful actress, Indira Varma, known for her role as Niobe in "Rome" and Susie in "Torchwood", lends this name an extra dose of charm.

Jerusha - Does Not Rank in US - A unusual Biblical name, and as Biblical names seem to be in, this one is ripe for use. Jerusha means "possession" in Hebrew, and is the name of King Uzziah's wife. Jerusha is also the mother of Jotham. Noah Webster who wrote "Webster's Dictionary" had a sister named Jerusha. There is also Jerusha Hess, along with her husband Jared Hess, who are filmakers, known for their movies "Napoleon Dynamite", "Nacho Libre", and most recently, "Austenland", which is still a work in progress.

Keturah - Does Not Rank in US - Another beautiful obscure Bible name. Keturah means "incense" in Hebrew, and is the name of Abraham's wife after Sarah. Keturah is also the name of the heroine in the young adult novel "Keturah and Lord Death". In the book Keturah persuades Death to spare her life one day by telling him a story.

Ligeia - Does Not Rank in US - This name is literary, mythological, and mysterious. It comes from the Greek ligys, which means "clear-voiced, shrill, whistling". Ligeia is the name of a siren in Greek mythology, and more famously, the name of the eponymous character Ligeia, in Edgar Allen Poe's "Ligeia". In the story we follow an anonymous narrator and his wife, Ligeia, who falls ill and dies. After Ligeia's death, he marries Rowena, who also dies. Grief-stricken, the narrator stays with Rowena's body over night, and she comes back to life, though she now is Ligeia.

Muriel - Does Not Rank in US - Since fusty names are incredibly in, I'm surprised not more people have taken a liking to Muriel. Muriel is a medieval form of a Celtic name, which is most likely related to the Irish Muirgel, which means "bright sea". It is lovely and has that old school flavor to it.

Nerida - Does Not Rank in US - An obscure nature name for anybody with (or without!) tries to Australia. Nerida, pronounced "NEHR-uh-duh", means "blossom" in Aborigine, or "red water lily", depending on if you're in Queensland, or New South Wales. It is easy to pronounce and has a beautiful meaning too, so all around, it is a great flower name for those looking for something more unusual.

I will have part two up as soon as I can! Be sure to suggest some names for the next installment!

Vera Wang Gowns


I'm a big fan of Vera Wang, I think her fashion is just superb. Her wedding dresses are stunning, and they have great names too. Here is a list of some of the names of her wedding gowns.

Fall 2012:



Spring 2012:



Fall 2011:





Image Credit:
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"Holly" image taken from
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Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge Welcome Baby Girl

Sienna and Tom

Actress Sienna Miller, known for her roles in "Factory Girl" and "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra", has welcomed her first child, a baby girl who she has reportedly named Marlow, though it isn't confirmed yet. Sienna is currently engaged to actor Tom Sturridge, of "Waiting for Love", and "Like Minds" fame.

Update: It is confirmed that the couple have named their daughter Marlowe Ottoline Layng. What do you all think?

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Welcome Baby Girl

Kourtney and Scott

Kourtney Kardashian and her husband, Scott Disick, who both are famous for the reality show "The Kardashians", have welcomed their second child together, a girl named Penelope Scotland. Their first child is Mason Dash.

Majandra Delfino and David Walton Welcome Baby Girl

Majandra and David

Actress and musician Majandra Delfino, of "Roswell" and "Life as We Know It" fame, has welcomed her first child, a baby girl named Cecilia Delphine, with husband, actor David Walton, who can been seen in "Perfect Couples" and "Fired Up!".


Princess Mafalda of Savoy

Origin: Portuguese, Italian
Gender: Female
Meaning: "Mighty in battle"
Pronunciation: muh-FAHL-duh (I think)
Other forms: Matilda, Matilde

The name Mafalda is the Portuguese and Italian form of Matilda. It might have come from the Medieval French name, Mahaut which means "might, strength". Matilda comes from the German Mahthildis, which comes from the elements maht, which means, you guessed it, "might, strength", and hild, which means "battle".

Mafalda might be vaguely familiar to some, it is the name of a minor character, Mafalda Hopkirk, in the Harry Potter books. She is the head of the Use of Improper Magic department. Mafalda was the name of the first Queen of Portugual, she is known more commonly as Maud, or Matilda though.

There is also Princess Mafalda Maria Elisabetta Anna Romana of Savoy, who was born in Rome in 1902. She was the second oldest of five children. The children in order were Yolanda, Mafalda, Umberto, Giovanna, and Maria. Mafalda was very close to her mother, Elena, and enjoyed the arts and music. She married Prince Philipp of Hesse, who was a loyal member of the Nazi party. His brother, Christoph, was part of the hierarchy of the party, and married to Princess Sophie of Denmark and Greece, sister to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the future husband of Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Mafalda had four children with Philipp: Prince Moritz, Prince Heinrich, Prince Otto, and Princess Elisabeth. Mafalda was not liked by Hitler, who believed she was against the Nazi movement. He once called her the "blackest carrion in the Italian royal house." In 1943, Mafalda was attending a funeral for her brother-in-law, King Boris III, in Bavaria. While she was there, she got news that Italy had surrendered to the Allied Powers   and that her husband was under house arrest in Bavaria and her children were safe in the Vatican. Mafalda received a phone call telling her that they had an important message from her husband for her. When she arrived at the German embassy she was arrested by the Gestapo for subversive activities, but it is generally believed she was going to be used as a hostage so her father would not oppose the Germans. She eventually ended up in the Buchenwald concentration camp. Their ammunition building was bombed, and Mafalda, along with others, were being housed in a building next to it. She was buried up to her neck in debris and sustained burns on her arms. Because of the conditions of the camp, they became infected, and the doctors there amputated her arm. She lost too much blood and never woke up from the surgery.

Her family were not able to confirm her death until 1945, when Germany surrendered.