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A List of Names Taken from French Royal Mistresses (4)

Marie Anne de Mailly-Nesle by Jean-Marc Nattier Louise Julie de Mailly, Countess of Mailly - Louis XV - Similar to the Mancini girls (Hortense Mancini was her their great-grandmother), Louise was one of the famous de Nesle sisters, four of whom were mistresses to the King. They were Pauline Félicité, Diane Adelaide, Hortense Félicité, and Marie Anne. Pauline Félicité de Mailly, Marquise of Vintimille - Louis XV - She died of convulsions after giving birth to a son by Louis. Her corpse was mutilated by a mob. Her son, Louis, was said to resemble his father so much that he was called "Demi-Louis" or "small Louis". Diane Adélaïde de Mailly, Duchess of Lauraguais - Louis XV Marie Anne de Mailly, Duchess of Chateauroux - Louis XV Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise of Pompadour - Louis XV - Probably one of the most famous mistresses of all time, she was not only his lover but a trusted advisor. She was not only beautiful but intelligent and accomplished, an

A List of Names Taken from French Royal Mistresses (3)

Hortense Mancini by Jacob Ferdinand Voet I'm so sorry this took so long to post! I had had it written out and then I accidently deleted it and was too lazy to rewrite it until now. I hope you all still enjoy it! Diane d'Andoins - Henry IV Françoise de Montmorency-Fosseux - Henry IV Esther Imbert - Henry IV Antoinette de Pons - Henry IV Gabrielle d'Estrées, Duchess of Beaufort  - Henry IV - Had children by him named César de Bourbon, duc de Vendome, Catherine Henriette de Bourbon, and Alexandre de Bourbon, Chevalier de Vendôme. Henriette d'Entragues, Marquise de Verneuil - Henry IV - Had children by him named Gaston Henri, duc de Verneuil also known as Henri de Bourbon, and Gabrielle Angelique de Bourbon, Madame Verneuil. Jacqueline de Bueil, Countess of Moret  - Henry IV - Had a son by him named Antoine, Count de Moret. Charlotte des Essarts - Henry IV - Had daughters by him named Jeanne Baptiste, and Marie Henriette. Charlotte Marguerite de Montmore