A List of Names Taken from French Royal Mistresses (4)

Marie Anne de Mailly-Nesle by Jean-Marc Nattier
Louise Julie de Mailly, Countess of Mailly - Louis XV - Similar to the Mancini girls (Hortense Mancini was her their great-grandmother), Louise was one of the famous de Nesle sisters, four of whom were mistresses to the King. They were Pauline Félicité, Diane Adelaide, Hortense Félicité, and Marie Anne.

Pauline Félicité de Mailly, Marquise of Vintimille - Louis XV - She died of convulsions after giving birth to a son by Louis. Her corpse was mutilated by a mob. Her son, Louis, was said to resemble his father so much that he was called "Demi-Louis" or "small Louis".

Diane Adélaïde de Mailly, Duchess of Lauraguais - Louis XV

Marie Anne de Mailly, Duchess of Chateauroux - Louis XV

Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise of Pompadour - Louis XV - Probably one of the most famous mistresses of all time, she was not only his lover but a trusted advisor. She was not only beautiful but intelligent and accomplished, and could sing, dance, play the clavichord and even engrave. She also became quite the accomplished actress. She claimed at the age of nine she was taken to a fortune teller who told her mother that she would one day rule the heart of a King. Despite ceasing being lovers, Louis and Jeanne stayed close friends, and he was there for her during her last days.

Jeanne Bécu, Countess du Barry - Louis XV - Better known as Madame du Barry, she was a famous courtesan before becoming mistress to the King. Marie Antoinette disliked her greatly, and even refused to speak to her. After the King died, she was exiled and eventually guillotined during the Reign of Terror.

Marie-Louise O'Murphy - Louis XV - Born to a Irish officer and a Frenchwoman, she was first encountered by Casanova while living with his sister. He was so taken by her beauty that he had a nude portrait done, which eventually found its way to Louis, who then took her as a mistress. She made the grave mistake of trying to replace Madame du Pompadour, which lead to her downfall and quick marriage. She had a daughter, Agathe Louise de Saint-Antoine, by the King.

Françoise de Châlus, Duchess of Narbonne-Lara - Louis XV

Marguerite Catherine Haynault, Marquise of Montmélas - Louis XV

Lucie Madeleine d'Estaing - Louis XV

Anne Couffier de Romans, Baroness of  Meilly-Coulonge - Louis XV

Louise Jeanne Tiercelin de La Colleterie - Louis XV

Irène du Buisson de Longpré - Louis XV

Catherine Éléonore Bénard - Louis XV

Marie Thérèse Françoise Boisselet - Louis XV

Marie Walewska - Napoleon I - This Polish noblewoman, also known as Maria, charmed the French emperor with her beauty. She was born in Kiernozia, her mother was a part of the Zaborowski family, and her father, who died before she was born, was a landowner. Her siblings were Benedykt Jozef, Hieronim, Teodor, Honorata, Kataryzna, and Urszula-Teresa. Although originally reluctant to become his mistress, she was persuaded by both his personal aide and many Polish aristocrats, who hoped she could influence him to help Poland in its struggle for independence from Prussia, and the Habsburg and Russian empires. She had a son, Count Alexandre Joseph Colonna-Walewski, by Napoleon, though he maintained that his father was her first husband, Athenasius count Colonna-Walewski.

Eléonore Denuelle de La Plagine - Napoleon I - She had a son by him, Charles, Count Léon, and thus proved that it wasn't Napoleon who couldn't conceive, but his wife, Josephine. He ended up divorcing her and remarrying because of this.

Victoria Kraus - Napoleon I - It is rumored her son, Karl Eugin von Mühlfeld, was Napoleon's.
Albine de Montholon - Napoleon I - Her daughter, Hélène Napoleone Bonaparte, could have been his, and was said to bear a strong resemblance to him.

Unknown Woman - Napoleon I - Jules Barthélemy-Saint-Hilaire was rumored also to be his son, though it was unknown who his mother was.


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