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 "Cynthia", 1947 Origin: Greek Gender: Female Meaning: "Woman from Kynthos" Pronunciation: SIN-thee-uh Other forms: Kynthia, Cinzia, Cintia While most would say Cynthia is hopelessly dated, I think it's just about time for her to be brought back. It also has a great pedigree and long history, has a nickname practically built in, and for me, is the name of my grandmother. Cynthia is the Latinized form of Kynthia, a Greek name meaning "woman from Kynthos". Kynthos, or Cynthus as its known today, is a mountain on the island of Delos. According to mythology, Leto gave birth to the twins Artemis, Goddess of the hunt, wild animals, and virginity, and Apollo, God of the sun, prophecy, and music, on the island. Because of this, Artemis is sometimes called Cynthia. It started being used as a name sometime around the Renaissance, but didn't really become popular until the 19th century. It's been in the top 1000 since 1880, and peaked at #7

Ice Kings

  Evgeni Plushenko   Rolf Österreich - Germany Fedor Klimov - Russia Gillis Grafström - Sweden Toller Cranston - Canada Emmerich Danzer - Austria Petri Kokko - Finnish Gösta Sandahl - Sweden Olivier Schoenfelder - France Mariusz Siudek - Poland Elvis Stojko - Canada Povilas Vanagas - Lithuania Tassilo Thierbach - Germany Fabian Bourzat - France Courtney Jones - United Kingdom Daisuke Takahashi - Japan Jeffrey Buttle - Canada Artur Gachinski - Russia Javier Fernandez - Spain Mervin Tran - Japan Charlie White - USA Ilia Kulik - Russia Stéphane Lambiel - Switzerland Florent Amodio - France Patrick Chan - Canada Evan Lysacek - USA László Nagy - Hungary Maurizio Margaglio - Italy Yuzuru Hanyū - Japan Evgeni Plushenko - Russia Robin Szolkowy - Germany

Ice Queens

Mao Asada I am so fascinated by ice skaters, it is probably my favorite part of the Winter Olympics and I always look forward to it. One of the reasons I also have a slight obsession with the Olympics (aside from the fact I have no skill in any sport, ever) is all the great names. I thought it was a perfect time for me to channel my obsession into a post, starting with female ice skaters. Mao Asada - Japan Galit Chait - Israel Herma Szabo - Austria Manuela Groß - Germany Albena Denkova - Bulgaria Sonja Henie - Norway Micheline Lannoy - Belgium Surya Bonaly - France Tenley Albright - USA Sjoukje Dijkstra - Netherlands Ekaterina "Katia" Gordeeva - Russia Narumi Takahashi - Japan Tanith Belbin - USA Melitta Brunner - Austria Ksenia Stolbova - Russia Romy Kermer - Germany Svea Norén - Sweden Liselotte Landbeck - Austria Fumie Suguri - Japan Tessa Virture - Canada Federica Faiella - Italy Dagmar Lurz - Germany Cecil Smith - Canada Heidemarie Steiner -

The Children of Olav V

Princess Märtha and Olav V Olav V of Norway was born Alexander Edward Christian Frederik to Haakon VII and Maud of Wales . He married Princess Märtha of Sweden , who was born Märtha Sofia Lovisa Dagmar Thyra. Their children were: Ragnhild Alexandra, "Princess Ragnhild of Sweden", later Mrs. Lorentzen Astrid Maud Ingeborg, "Princess Astrid of Sweden", later Mrs. Ferner Harald, " Prince Harald of Sweden", later "Harald V of Norway"

Cate Blanchett Adopts a Girl

Cate and Andrew I was so excited to see what she would choose; she already has three boys, Dashiell John, Roman Robert, and Ignatius Martin, with husband Andrew Upton. For a girl she chose Edith Vivian Patricia.

Names Taken from Ingmar Bergman (Part Six)

Sorry it took me forever to post this. I had been out of town with my family and haven't been on the internet much. Lastly we have "The Best Intentions" or "Den goda viljan". Note: this film was written by Bergman, but directed by Bille August. Women: Anna Akerblom Bergman Svea Akerblom Beda Bergman Karin Akerblom Alma Bergman Blenda Bergman Martha Akerblom Ebba Bergman Frida Standberg Men: Henrik Bergman Johan Akerblom Ernst Akerblom Gustav Akerblom Oscar Akerblom Carl Akerblom Fredrik Bergman Svante