Yara Shahidi

Origin: Persian, Tupi, and Hebrew
Gender: Unisex
Meaning: "Sweetheart", "Strength", "Water Lady", "Honeycomb" or "Honeysuckle"
Pronunciation: YAH-rah, YARR-uh
Other Forms: Yaara, Iara, Uira

To me this name is bursting with potential - it's short, feisty, and has a multitude of great meanings. It's already jumped a massive 312 spots from 2017 to 2018 where it currently sits at #672, and I think that's proof it's definitely one to watch out for.

Yara, in Persian, can have two different meanings - "sweetheart" (or as Yara Shahidi's mother put it: "someone close to your heart"), it would seem, for girls, and "strength" for boys. In Hebrew (and more often spelled Yaara) it means "honeycomb" or "honeysuckle" which I think is gorgeous. In Tupi it means "water lady" or "lady of the water" and is the name of a character from Brazilian folklore - a beautiful woman with a tail either like a river dolphin's or a manatee's, who would sit on a rock combing her hair or simply dozing in the sun. If she saw a man she would sing to him, and he would go with her to live under the water. Other versions have a more nefarious ending with her drowning them.

Yara's rise in popularity might be attributed to something entirely independent of its sound and style. Yara Greyjoy, older sister to Theon in HBO's hit "Game of Thrones", is not only strong but claimant to the throne of the Iron Islands. I wouldn't doubt that she was the inspiration behind many people's choice.

The Children of Owen Philipps, 1st Baron Kylsant

Owen Philipps, Ist Baron Kylsant

Owen Philipps, 1st Baron Kylsant, was born Owen Cosby Philipps to Reverend Sir James Erasmus Philipps, 12th Baronet of Picton Castle and the Hon. Mary Best. He was a prominent British businessman and politician, known for his trial and imprisonment in 1931 for producing a document with intention to deceive. He married Mai Alice Magdalene Morris.
Their children were:

Nesta Donne Philipps, later "The Hon. Nesta Donne Philipps, Countess of Coventry"

Olwen Gwynne Philipps, later "The Hon. Olwen Gwynne Barker"

Honor Chedworth Philipps, later "The Hon. Honor Chedworth Henderson"

The Children of Hussey Vivian, 3rd Baron Vivian

Hussey Vivian, 3rd Baron Vivian

Hussey Vivian, 3rd Baron Vivian, was born Hussey Crespigny Vivian to Charles Vivian, 2nd Baron Vivian and his first wife, Arabella Scott. He married Louisa Duff.
Their children were:

George Crespigny Barbazon Vivian, "George Vivian, 4th Baron Vivian"

Dorothy Maud Vivian

Alexandra Mary Freesia Vivian, later "Alexandra Pelham, Lady Worsley"


Prince Friedrich Karl of Prussia, who was born Tassilo
Origin: German
Gender: Male
Meaning: "Glittering as the day"
Pronunciation: tah-zee-LOW
Other Forms: Thassilo, Tasziló, Tassilon, Tasso, Tazzo, Taginbert, Dagobert

A fascinating German name with ancient roots, used by royals, a figure-skater, and even a chess-master. Tassilo is a diminutive of Tasso or Tazzo, which is also diminutive in itself for Taginbert, a name of West German origin. It comes from the Germanic elements tag, or "day", and beraht, "glittering". More poetically put it means "glittering as the day". Another related name is the Frankish Dagobert.

The first Tassilo in record is Tassilo I of Bavaria, sometimes called Tassilon, who lived from 560 to his death in 610. Tassilo is also used among Hungarians, but usually spelled Tasziló, as is the case with Prince Tasziló Festetics de Tolna.
Tassilo Thierbach and Sabine Baeß, 1979

Prince Friedrich Karl of Prussia, born Tassilo, was not only a Prince but an Olympic athlete, competing during the 1912 Summer Olympics on the German equestrian team. He even won a bronze medal on his horse "Gibson Boy". During WWI he commanded the Fliegerabteilung 258, a unit used for spotting artillery but also flew solo in a Jasta 2, one of the most well-known German planes of WWI. He was forced to land his Jasta after catching a bullet in one of the engines. He was able to safely land into no-man's land where he was shot in the back by Australian troops. He succumbed to his wounds in captivity on April 6th, his birthday.

Other namesakes include Tassilo Thierbach, a German figure-skater who is best known for becoming the World-Champion in 1982 alongside his partner, Sabine Baeß, and Tassilo, Baron von Heydebrand und der Lasa, a chess-master of the 19th-century. Most recently Kyril, Prince of Preslav, Duke in Saxony, gave the name to his son, who was born in 2002.         

The Children of Nicolette Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Marchioness of Londonderry

Nicolette Vane-Tempest-Stewart, later Powell

As I'm sure you all know now I'm a huge history nerd along with my name and Royalty obsession, and I found the story of Nicolette Vane-Tempest-Stewart to be as interesting as her name and her children's names. I'm going to do a little brief run-over for you all.

Nicolette Vane-Tempest-Stewart, called "Nico" for short, was born Nicolette Elaine Katherine Harrison to Michael Harrison and his wife Maria Madeleine Benita von Kuskell, a Latvian baroness. She was one of the last debutantes to be shown to Queen Elizabeth II before the practice fell out of style. Nicolette married Alistair Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 9th Marquess of Londonderry at age seventeen.
Their children were:

Sophia Frances Anne, "Lady Sophia Anne Frances Vane-Tempest-Stewart"

Cosima Maria-Gabriella, "Lady Cosima Maria-Gabriella Vane-Tempest-Stewart"

She also had a son, originally thought to be the Marquess' and who, for a brief moment, held the title of Viscount Castlereagh. It was later proven that his real father was Jazz and Blues musician Georgie Fame. His name is:

Tristan Alexander

In 1971 she divorced Alistair, which was a huge source of gossip for the tabloids. She later married Georgie Fame and had another child with him:

James Michael

Sadly, in 1993 Nicolette fell to her death from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. It was deemed a suicide, with her leaving a note that claimed she saw "no purpose to life" now that her children were grown and gone.

Several portraits of her still hang in the National Portrait Gallery of London, leaving behind a glimpse into the enigmatic Nicolette.

The Children of Princess Henrietta of Nassau-Weilburg

Princess Henrietta of Nassau-Weilburg

Princess Henrietta of Nassau-Weilburg was born Henrietta Alexandrine Friederike Wilhelmine to Frederick William, Prince of Nassau-Weilburg and Burgravine Louise Isabelle of Kirchberg. She married Archduke Charles, Duke of Teschen.
Their children were:

Maria Theresia Isabella, "Maria Theresa of Austria"

Albrecht Friedrich Rudolf Dominik, "Archduke Albrecht, Duke of Teschen"

Karl Ferdinand, "Archduke Karl Ferdinand of Austria"

Friedrich Ferdinand Leopold, "Archduke Friedrich of Austria"

Rudolph - Died in childhood

Maria Karoline Luise Christine, "Archduchess Maria Karoline of Austria"

Wihelm Franz Karl, "Archduke Wilhelm Franz of Austria"