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Names Taken from Fabric

Bridal Tulle Birdcage Veil by the Twigs and Honey store of Etsy Here is a delicious list of names taken from all sorts of fabric. Tulle Angora Poplin Dimity (My favorite on the list!) Organza Calico Ninon Himroo Cashmere Velvet Sisal Argyle Olefin Georgette Pashmina Nainsook Habutai Chiffon *Veil avaliable for purchase here


Origin : Possibly Greek or Provençal Gender : Female Meaning : Possibly "hawk", or "star" Pronunciation : as-TOR-ee-ah Other forms : Asteria Thanks to jazzy badin for suggesting Astoria! This name is one that no one seems to know the meaning of. Some claim it is a feminization of the name Astor, which comes from the Provençal surname astur , which means "hawk". Others think it comes from the aster, which means "star". I tend to think this version is meant to go along with the "hawk" meaning, while Asteria probably is meant to mean "star". Hawks are some of the most intelligent birds, they have very good vision and are excellent hunters. The females normally tend to be bigger than the males. Hawks are featured in mythology from all over the world. Indians consider hawks to be the greatest bird, and that its feathers carry their prayers to the sun God. In Ancient Egypt hawks and falcons were royal birds, and the

Birth Announcements from the Telegraph

Girls Charlotte Valentine Annabelle Teal Henrietta Beatrice Catherine Carla (A sister for Lawrence) Emily Lorna Jane Xanthe Isobel Olive (A sister for Flynn, Wilbur, and Gretel) Bibiana Rose Sophia (A sister for Wilbur) Flora Mary Elizabeth Imogen Anne Eliza Mariquita (A sister for Louis) Safia Imogen (A sister for Arlo) Isla Aafke Isabel Margot Barbara (A sister for Daisy and Agatha) Boys Hugo Tristram Thorne Noah Daniel Hector Alexander Maximilian Blakeney Joseph John Francis Rory Jeremy Gerald Sholto Montgomerie James Jack Julian Barnaby Bacchus Edmund Llewelyn Tobias John Anthony Horatio (A brother for Fergus and Hettie) James Geoffrey William Louis Walter Sebastian Alexander Reed

Neglected Gems - Girls - Part Two

Anna Osadcenko dancing as Odile in "Swan Lake" Part 2 of This Odile - Does Not Rank in US - The name of the Black Swan in the famous ballet, "Swan Lake", is not nearly as popular as diminutive Odette, the White Swan, though it is just as pretty, if not prettier. Odile is the French form of Odilia, which possibly means "fatherland" in German. Saint Odile (or Odilia, Odila) was the patron Saint of the blind; she was born blind, but when she was baptized she gained sight. Odile in "Swan Lake" is the daughter of Von Rothbart, the evil sorcerer who has put a curse on Odette which transforms her into a swan during the day and back into a human at night. The only way the curse is broken is if a man falls in love with Odette and is faithful to her. So when Prince Siegfried falls in love with Odette, Von Rothbart is not happy. So, he comes up with a plan and disguises Odile as Odette, and makes her dance with Siegfried at the ball. He then pledges