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Unusual Nicknames

I've gotten so I love unusual nicknames! I think they're great. Here are obscure nicknames for some classic names, or maybe a few different ways to get to your favorite nickname! Lotta Crabtree Girls :   Charlotte/Charlotta - Tottie/Totty, Totta, Harlo, Lotte, Lottie, Lotta Margaret - Daisy, Pearl, Mamie, Greta, Gretel, Greet Beatrice - Bice, Bea/Beah Henrietta - Etta, Hettie/Hetty, Hallie Mary - May, Polly, Malle, Moll Patricia - Patia Victoria - Toya Susanna/Susannah/Suzanna - Sanne, Sukie, Zanna, Susanita, Zula Felicity - Lissy, Flick Harriet - Hatsy Alexandra/Alexandria - Andy, Zandra/Xandra, Andria, Alexina Katherine/Catherine/Katharine - Kitty, Katica, Cato, Rina Elizabeth/Elisabeth - Lilibeth, Libbie, Lilibet, Buffy, Tetty, Elle, Bettina, Elsa, Liesel, Babette, Betta Josephine - Jo, Fifi, Josie, Joetta, Jojo, Posy/Posie Sarah - Sal, Saija, Sassy, Sarita Virginia - Ginger, Gigi, Virgie Frances - Frankie, Cissy/Sissy, Francie/Franci, Fancy Elea


"Violante" by Titian Origin : Italian Gender : Female Meaning : "The color violet" Pronunciation : vyoo-LANT, bee-oh-LAHN-teh, vee-oh-LAHN-teh Other forms : Yolanda, Iolanda, Yolande, Jólánka, Jolanda A beautiful and regal name, Violante is an interesting take on the Violet trend. This name comes from the French-Provincial Yolant or Yolans merging with the Italian Viola. Duchess Violante Beatrice of Bavaria was the Grand Princess of Tuscany, she was married to Grand Prince Fernando of Tuscany and loved him very much, unfortunately he did not love her. He declared her too ugly and too dull. Fernando eventually died from syphilis leaving her a childless widow. Cosimo III, the reigning king of that time, made her Governor of Siena where she stayed for the rest of her life. The painting "Violante" was once thought to be by Palma the Elder, as his daughter is normally referred to as Violante, though eventually it was attributed to Titian because of i

Names for That Family Who Live in the Old Decrepit Castle

Teacup and saucer by AustinModern of Etsy And may, or may not, be vampires, who may, or may not, have a mermaid in the lake behind their house, who may, or may not, have a ghost for each room. You know the family. They all dress in vintage clothing, they play with Victorian dolls, and have pet ravens named Faust and Hyde and serve you chocolates which might have a dose or two of cyanide, for fun, of course. Here is a new segment in which I will be naming different families from my imagination. I would assume this family would use very elaborate, Gothic, or fusty names. Ladies :  Lipstick by the Portland Black Lipstick Company on Etsy Godiva Wilhelmina Verbena Ulrica Desdemona Bellatrix Lydia Perdita Blanchefleur Isolde Raphaela Lilias Pandora Ligeia Theodosia Pathenia Candle holders by AntiqueAffair on Etsy Vespertine Hesper Valentine Annabel Roberta Lillemor Ursula Lilith Saskia Matilda Susannah Joan Odilia Lucasta Rosamund Jocast


Origin : N/A Gender : Unisex Meaning : Name of bird Pronunciation : CRAYN Other forms : N/A After seeing this name a few times, once in a book, and once in a movie, I thought it was time to finally profile it. This name has a lot going for it. I think of it as purely masculine, though I'm sure some would view it as unisex, since it is a nature name. For those that don't know, cranes are similar looking to herons, though unrelated, they have long necks, legs, and beaks. There are fifteen different species of cranes, in four different genera. It has been thought that cranes mate for life, however, recently scientists have found out they have different mates throughout their lifetimes, though they usually stay together for a long time. Cranes are known for their elaborate mating dances, and lousy courting. In Korea, a crane dance has been performed since the Silla dynasty in the courtyard of the Tongdosa Temple. Also, in Hokkaido, the women of the Ainu people do crane da