Prince William and Duchess Kate Reveal Name of New Prince

William, Kate, and Louis
Prince William and Duchess Kate have revealed the name of their third child, another boy. His name is Louis Arthur Charles, and he joins elder siblings Prince George Alexander Louis and Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. It is pronounced "lou-EE".

On My Mind: 4-20-18

"Guinevere" by Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale

Guinevere - At work I overheard a girl - she was probably around four years old - being called Guinevere. I was so pleasantly surprised and it's probably one of the most unusual names I've heard being used in real life. I've always loved the name Guinevere, it's mystical and beautifully feminine without being too saccharine, and lends itself to the very usable Gwen.

Millicent - I recently saw "A Quiet Place" with a group of friends and loved it! The eldest child in the film is played by actress Millicent "Milly" Simmonds, who was excellent in the role. It was refreshing to see Millicent being used, and I think it could really make a comeback.

Family Names - I've written a few times about names of my ancestors here and here, but I've found a few more I find interesting.

First is my great-grandfather and his siblings - they were children of German immigrants:

William Charles

And then some random finds, some of the names are from Dutch ancestors all the way back in the 17th century!

Cristoffel "Stoffel" (multiple)
Valentine "Valley"
Marion (male)
O'Leavey (female)
Jan (male)

Noel Fielding Welcomes First Child

Lliana and Noel

English comedian Noel Fielding has had his first child with his girlfriend, radio presenter Lliana Bird. They haven't revealed the gender of their baby, but they have revealed the name - Dali, after artist Salvador Dalí.

The Children of Marie-Caroline de Bourbon-Sicile, duchesse de Barry

Marie-Caroline de Bourbon-Sicile, duchesse de Barry

Marie-Caroline de Bourbon-Sicile, duchesse de Barry was born Maria Carolina Ferdinanda Luise to Francis I of the Two Sicilies and Archduchess Maria Clementina of Austria. She first married Charles Ferdinand, Duke of Berry who was born Charles Ferdinand d'Artois, duc de Berry.
Their children were:

Louise Élisabeth, "Princess Louise Élisabeth", died in infancy

Louis, "Prince Louis", died in infancy

Louise Marie Thérèse d'Artois, later "Princess Louise Marie Thérèse, Duchess of Parma"

Henri Charles Ferdinand Marie Dieudonné d'Artois, "Prince Henri, duc de Bourdeaux" and later "Henri, comte de Chambord"; he was regarded as a "miracle child", because his father was assassinated seven months before his birth, and it was feared that the senior line of the House of Bourbon would soon cease to exist. This was why he was given one of his names - Dieudonné, which means "God-given".

She then married Ettore Carlo Lucchesi-Palli, 8th Duke della Grazia:

Anna Maria Rosalia Lucchesi-Palli; born during her mother's imprisonment because of her politics and the belief that her son was the legitimate heir to the throne. She had secretly married Ettore, and their baby was put into foster care with a couple until she died aged just three months.

Clementina Lucchesi-Palli, later "Countess of Zileri dal Verme"

Francesca di Paola Lucchesi-Palli, later "Princess di Arsoli"

Maria Isabella Lucchesi-Palli, later "Marchesa Cavriani", and then "Contessa di Conti"

Adinolfo Lucchesi-Palli, "Adinolfo, 9th Duke della Grazia"

Famous Name: Neko

Neko Case
Origin: Japanese
Gender: Unisex
Meaning: "Cat"
Pronunciation: NEE-ko, NEH-ko
Other forms: N/A

I kinda totally forgot about this series (oops!) but I remember that writing the first post, about the name Idina, was one of my favorites I've ever done.
This was the second one I had planned, a guilty pleasure of mine. Neko simply means "cat" in Japanese, and brings to mind two things: Maneki-neko, the lucky cat with one paw up that is featured in everything from figurines to key-chains to ornaments to even a tea infuser; the second is Virginia born singer Neko Case (and yes, that's her real name). Her parents were of Ukrainian descent, and unfortunately I've not been able to find any information on how or why her name was chosen.

Neko Case is not big enough to be an immediate thought whenever I hear the name, in truth I think of the Maneki-neko before anything else, and I think that's a charming association.
The earliest records of Maneki-neko date all the way back to 1852, but its exact origins are shrouded in mystery. Some folktales mention if a cat raises its foot to wash it's face, a visitor will soon come; others say it indicates rain.
Another more elaborate story tells that a poor shopkeeper took in a starving cat, though he barely has enough food for himself. As thanks, the cat sits in front of the shop and beckons customers inside.

I also think there is another huge consideration to make before using this name - cultural appropriation.

I'm personally not comfortable using a name from a culture radically different than my own. I'm German and Dutch for sure, Scottish and Choctaw - maybe - but I am certainly not Japanese. I think it's something to really truly discuss and think about, because as I see it, a name like Neko just doesn't belong to me, and I wouldn't want to use it, not even as a middle name.

It's a conversation that runs much deeper than just this post, and while I've thought of making a separate post to really delve into the issue, I'm afraid I wouldn't do it the justice it deserves. So instead head over to this post if you would like to learn more about the subject.

In the end it comes down to this: how much is a name worth to you?

On My Mind: 4-13-18

Well, I turned twenty-two on the seventh, and I have mixed feelings about it. I'm anxious about my future. It's still so undecided, while my peers, even people younger than me, seem to know exactly what they want. I feel both old and young. It's confusing.

And here I am again, trying to make myself post here more often but procrastinating as I do on everything. I feel like I'm running out of ideas (something I never thought I'd say!) regarding this blog, so if anyone has suggestions on something they'd like to see, please let me know!

Thyme - There's a new male model on the circuit, and his name is Thyme Stidworthy. I haven't been able to find much information on him or his origins, though. I think it's fascinating to see a name like this on a guy, and very refreshing.

Hetta, Merripen, and Jolyon - I recently finished an excellent novel by Laura Purcell called "The Silent Companions". If you love Gothic horror like I do, you should definitely check it out. In the book the protagonist, Elsie, has a younger brother by the name of Joylon, called "Jo" affectionately. I've always loved this name, and think it has a bouncing, boyish charm.
Another character, a Romani boy, is called Merripen. It could mean anything from "manner, fashion" to "death" in Romani, the latter being extremely fitting if true.
And the mysterious daughter of a former inhabitant of the house in which Elsie moves into is called Henrietta Maria after Queen Henrietta Maria of France, wife of Charles I. She goes by the nickname Hetta