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Lily Cole Gives Birth to a Daughter

Lily Cole The beautiful model and actress Lily Cole has just given birth to her first child, a little girl she named Wylde Cole Ferreira, with boyfriend Kwame Ferreira.

Names for the Eccentric Aristocrats

Edith Sitwell and her brothers Osbert and Sacheverell by Cecil Beaton This is essentially a companion to the "For the Shabby Aristocrat Family" , but less modern. I love these sort of names, the ones I can imagine on rich families from the 1900's to the 20's, that perhaps didn't fit in with their peers. The Aunt was probably wild and traveled the world, always bringing gifts for the children and never settling down. The father was obsessed with finding first edition classics and spent all his money on it, while the mother was a celebrated beauty who rubbed elbows with artists and intellects. The daughter had a fling with a jazz musician, and the son lived modestly renouncing his aristocratic roots. They all have weird little nicknames for each other, derived from their actual names or not, and most of their names could only be pulled off by someone as strangely cool as them. Ladies: Ursula Eadie Diantha Hermione Imelda Romola Lobelia Prudentia Luca