Alyssa Sutherland as Aslaug in "Vikings"

Origin: Norse
Gender: Female
Meaning: "Betrothed woman of God" or "God's bath:
Pronunciation: AZ-lock, OWS-log, OWSH-lov
Other forms: Asløg, Áslaug, Aslög

Last night was the season two premiere of the hit TV show "Vikings". I thought, in honor of the occasion, I would highlight the name of one of the most interesting, and hated, characters of the show, Aslaug. The name comes from the Norse áss meaning "God", and laug which possibly means "betrothed woman". Another possible meaning for laug is "bath".
In the "Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok", it is said that Aslaug is the daughter of a shieldmaiden called Brynhildr, and Sigurd. When they die, Aslaug is raised by Brynhildr's foster father, Heimer. Heimer has a harp made large enough that he can carry young Aslaug in it, and he travels around as a harp player. While travelling Heimer stays in the home of a man named Åke and his wife, Grima. Believing the harp to carry some valuable treasure, they kill Heimer, and upon discovering Aslaug within the harp, decide to raise her as their own. They hide her beauty, which they believe to be a sign of her nobility, by making her wear a hood and covering her in tar. They call her Kråka, which means "crow".

One day while she is bathing, the men of Ragnar Lodbrok, a legendary Viking king, spy on her, and accidently let the bread they were cooking burn. Ragnar demands to know what happened, so they explain they saw a beautiful girl. He then sends for her, but tests her wits. He says for her to come neither clothed nor undressed, neither hungry nor full, and neither alone nor in company. She came wearing a net, with a dog, and biting an onion. Ragnar was impressed, and proposed to her. She would not accept until he accomplished his mission in Norway

Östen Beli of Sweden convinces Ragnar to go with the Princess Ingeborg instead of Aslaug, and when he comes to tell her, three birds have already informed her of his plans. She then lets him know of her noble parentage, and tells him that she will prove she is the daughter of Sigurd by giving birth to a baby whose eye will hold the image of a snake. In all Aslaug gave him five sons; Ivar the Boneless, Björn Ironside, Hvitserk, Ragnvald, and Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye.

Aslaug also possesses some sort of magic abilities, almost like a sorceress. At one point Ragnar does not listen to Aslaug's warnings of the condition of the fleet, and his quest fails. When Ragnar insists on consummating the marriage immediately, even though she says they should not, it results in their son, Ivar, being weak. She gives him a shirt she made as well, which protects him, if only for a little while, from the snakes in the pit he is thrown into.

Team Norway

Team Norway


Morten Ask
Anders Bardal
Lars Berger
Torgeir Bergrem
Robin Dahlstrøm
Finn Hågen Krogh
Ole Einar Bjørndalen
Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen
Espen Hvammen
Sjur Røthe
Håvard Bøkko
Tord Asle Gjerdalen
Øystein Bråten
Gjermund Bråten
Emil Hegle Svendsen
Pål Golberg
Eirik Brandsdal
Mads Hansen
Sondre Olden
Kjetil Jansrud
Mikko Kokslien
Leif Kristian Haugen
Eldar Rønning
Jonas Holøs
Rune Velta


Tora Berger
Ragnhild Mowinckel
Marit Bjørgen
Hilde-Katrine Engeli
Celine Brun-Lie
Line Jahr
Maiken Caspersen Falla
Hege Bøkko
Mari Hemmer
Ida Njåtun
Tiril Eckhoff
Kjersti Buaas
Gyda Enger
Marte Høie Gjefsen
Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen
Ingvild Flugstad Østberg
Fanny Welle-Strand Horn
Therese Johaug
Maren Lundby
Silje Norendal
Helene Olafsen
Synnøve Solemdal
Hedvig Wessel


"Saint Eustace" by Albrecht Dürer

Origin: Latin, Greek
Gender: Male
Meaning: "Fruitful"
Pronunciation: YOO-stis
Other forms: Eustache, Eustachus, Eustachius, Eustachio, Eustaquio, Eustacia

I know I am alone on this, but I find the name Eustace to be rather charming. It comes the Latin form of the Greek Eustachys, which means "fruitful". It has a few interesting namesakes, like Eustace Clarence Scrubb cousin of the Pevensie children, who joins Edmund and Lucy in Narnia once Peter and Susan grow too old. He is arrogant and whiny, but grows in personality throughout the books.

Another namesake is Saint Eustace, who in legend lived during the 2nd century, and was once a Roman general called Placidus. He goes out hunting in Tivoli, and sees a vision of a crucifix between the antlers of the stag he is hunting. He converts to Christianity, has himself and his family baptized, and changes his name to Eustace. His story there on resembles Job's from the Bible. Among the many unfortunate things that happen to him, his wealth is stolen, his family goes on a voyage and his wife, Theopista, is kidnapped by the captain, and while crossing a river, his sons, Theopistus and Agapius, are taken by a wolf and a lion. Despite this he never questions his faith. He is rewarded by being reunited with his family and his fortune is reinstated. He later refuses to make a Pagan sacrifice, and the emperor has Eustace and his family killed by being put into a bronze statue of a bull, or sometimes an ox. He is the patron Saint of hunters and firefighters, and is one of the patron saints of Madrid.

Team Hungary

Team Hungary


Viktor Knoch
Konrad Nagy
Milan Szabo
Norbert Farkas
Bence Beres
Sandor Liu Shaolin
Karoly Gombos


Agnes Simon
Edit Miklos
Szandra Lajtos
Rozsa Darazs
Zsofia Konya
Anna Berecz
Bernadett Heidum
Andrea Keszler
Emoke Szocs

A Collection of Names Taken from French Consorts (Part Three)

Marie Joséphine of Savoy

Joan of Valois
Mary of England
Claude of France
Eleanor of Austria
Catherine de' Medici
Mary, Queen of Scots
Elisabeth of Austria
Louise of Lorraine
Margaret of Valois
Marie de' Medici
Anne of Austria
Maria Theresa of Spain
Marie Leszczyńska
Marie Antoinette of Austria
Marie Joséphine of Savoy
Joséphine de Beauharnais
Marie Louise of Austria
Marie Thérèse of France
Maria Amalia of Naples and Sicily
Eugénie de Montijo

Princess Madeleine Gives Birth to a Baby Girl

Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill

Princess Madeleine of Sweden, who is married to businessman Christopher O'Neill, has welcomed a baby girl whom they named Leonore Lillian Maria.

The Children of Princess Regina of Saxe-Meiningen

Regina of Saxe-Meiningen and Otto von Habsburg

Archduchess Regina, Crown Princess of Austria, Hungary, and Bohemia was born Regina Helene Elizabeth Margarete to Georg, King of Saxe-Meniningen and Countess Klara Maria von Korff genannt Schmissing-Kerssenbrock. She married Archduke Otto of Austria, also known as Otto von Habsburg. He was born Franz Joseph Otto Robert Maria Anton Karl Max Heinrich Sixtus Xavier Felix Renatus Ludwig Gaetan Pius Ignatius von Habsburg.
Their children were:

Andrea Maria, "Andrea von Habsburg", "Archduchess Andrea of Austria"

Monika Roberta Antonia Raphaela Habsburg-Lothringen, "Monica von Habsburg", "Archduchess Monika of Austria"

Michaela Maria Madeleine Kiliana Habsburg-Lothringen, "Michaela von Habsburg" (Twin to Monika), "Archduchess Michaela of Austria"

Gabriela Maria Charlotte Felicitas Elisabeth Antonia Habsburg-Lothringen, "Gabriela von Habsburg", "Archduchess Gabriela of Austria"

Walburga Maria Franziska Helene Elisabeth Habsburg-Lothringen, "Walburga von Habsburg", "Archduchess Walburga of Austria", "Walburga Habsburg Douglas"

Karl Thomas Robert Maria Franziskus Georg Banham Habsburg-Lothringen, "Karl von Habsburg", "Archduke Karl of Austria"

Paul Georg Maria Joseph Dominikus Habsburg-Lothringen, "Georg von Habsburg", "Archduke Georg of Austria"

A Collection of Names Taken from French Consorts (Part Two)

Anne of Brittany

Agnes of Meraina
Ingeborg of Denmark
Blanche of Castile
Margaret of Provence
Isabella of Aragon
Maria of Brabant
Joan I of Navarre
Margaret of Burgundy
Clementia of Hungary
Joan II, Countess of Burgundy
Blanche of Burgundy
Marie of Luxembourg
Jeanne d'Évreux
Joan the Lame
Blanche of Navarre
Joanna I of Auvergne
Joanna of Bourbon
Isabeau of Bavaria
Margaret of Anjou
Marie of Anjou
Charlotte of Savoy
Anne of Brittany

A Collection of Names Taken from French Consorts (Part One)

Eleanor of Aquitaine

I find that Royalty often have some of the most beautiful and fabulous names. I spend hours looking through their names, each time finding something new or unexpected. Today, I'm featuring a list taken from the names of French consorts throughout history. There are some really unusual ones here, and others are downright weird.

Ermentrude of Orléans
Richilde of Provence
Adelaide of Paris
Théodrate of Troyes
Eadgifu of England
Béatrice of Vermandois
Emma of France
Gerberga of Saxony
Emma of Italy
Adelaide of Aquitaine
Rozala of Italy
Bertha of Burgundy
Constance of Arles
Matilda of Frisia
Anne of Kiev
Bertha of Holland
Bertrade de Montfort
Adélaïde de Maurienne
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Constance of Castile
Adèle of Champagne
Isabelle of Hainaut

The Children of Princess Margarete Karola of Saxony

Margarete Karola of Saxony

Princess Margarete Karola of Saxony was born Margarete Karola Wilhelmine Viktoria Adelheid Albertine Petrusa Bertram Paula to Frederick Augustus III of Saxony and Archduchess Luise of Austria, Princess of Tuscany. She married Frederick, Prince of Hohenzollern, who was born Friedrich Viktor Pius Alexander Leopold Karl Theodor Ferdinand.
Their children were:

Benedikta Maria Antonia Mathilde Anna, "Princess Maria Antonia"

Maria Adelgunde Alice Luise Josephine, "Princess Maria Adelgunde"

Maria Theresia Ludovika Cecilie Zita Elisabeth Hilda Agnes, "Princess Maria Theresia"

Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Joseph Maria Manuel Georg Meinrad Fidelis Benedikt Michael Hubert, "Prince Friedrich Wilhelm"

Franz Josef Hubertus Maria Meinrad Michael, "Prince Franz Josef"

Johann Georg Carl Leopold Eitel-Friedrich Meinrad Maria Hubertus Michael, "Prince Johann Georg"

Ferfried Maximilian Pius Meinrad Maria Hubert Michael Justinus, "Prince Ferfried Maximlian"

Charmingly Czech

Hana Vítová





Team Russia

Team Russia


Victor An
Albert Demchenko
Nikita Katsalapov
Petr Dron
Alexander Glebov
Niyaz Nabeev
Kirill Antukh
Ivan Skobrev
Fedor Klimov
Semen Elistratov
Denis Kornilov
Evgeny Plyushchenko
Mikhail Maksimochkin
Vic Wild
Igor Bogolyubsky
Valery Kolegov
Maxim Trankov
Andrey Drozdov
Konstantin Glavatskikh
Ilia Chernousov
Artyom Anisimov
Vladimir Grigorev
Ilmir Hazetdinov
Pavel Kharitonov
Yuri Larionov
Timofei Slivets
Stepan Zuev


Ekaterina Bobrova
Anastasia Dotsenko
Olga Belyakova
Margarita Fomina
Julia Ivanova
Evgenia Shapovalova
Nkeiruka Ezekh
Regina Rakhimova
Inna Dyubanok
Galina Skiba
Elizavetta Chesnokova
Tatyana Burina
Victoriya Filyushkina
Angelina Golikova
Elena Ilinykh
Veronika Korsunova
Nadezhda Paleeva
Assoli Slivets
Yulia Lipnitskaya
Svetlana Tkachyova

Team Spain

Team Spain


Ander Mirambell
Javier Raya
Alex Puente Tasias
Imanol Rojo
Pol Carreras
Adria Diaz
Regino Hernandez
Victor Lobo Escolar
Laro Herrero
Ferran Terra


Laura Orgue
Carolina Ruiz Castillo
Katia Griffiths
Victoria Padial Hernandez
Queralt Castellet
Sara Hurtado

The Children of Leopold I of Belgium

Leopold I with Louise and children

Leopold I of Belgium was born Leopold Georg Christian Friedrich to Francis, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld and Augusta Reuss-Ebersdorf. He married Princess Charlotte of Wales, who was born Charlotte Augusta, and after her death he married Louise of Orléans, who was born Louise Marie Thérèse Charlotte Isabelle. Princess Charlotte suffered a miscarriage, and then gave birth to a stillborn boy, and died from complications surrounding it. She was twenty-one.
His children with Louise were:

Louis-Philippe Léopold Victor Ernest, "Louis-Philippe, Crown Prince of Belgium" or "Babochon" (He died at nine months and twenty-three days)

Léopold Louis Philippe Marie Victor, "Leopold II of Belgium"

Philippe Eugène Ferdinand Marie Clément Baudouin Léopold Georges, "Prince Philippe, Count of Flanders"

Marie Charlotte Amélie Augustine Victoire Clémentine Léopoldine, "Charlotte of Belgium", later "Carlota of Mexico"

After the death of Louise of Orléans at the age of thirty-eight, Leopold took up a mistress, Arcadie Meyer, with whom he had two sons, George and Arthur.

The Virtues of a Classic Name

Catherine Deneuve
Not too long ago I would have never contemplated giving the first name Catherine to a daughter. Sure, it is the name of my great-grandmother, a wonderful woman by all accounts, but it was too common, too popular, and it didn't have that "wow" factor that I had always looked for.
I started to think of the reasons why I liked Catherine, besides it being a family name, and found it had many virtues. It is name that has never gone out of style, a name that has so much history, and so many wonderful women behind it. I could call her Kitty, Cat, Cathy, Kit, the list is endless. My own mother, who was very close to my great-grandmother, loves the name, and that is something which is very important. If I hadn't put aside my reservations about popularity or uniqueness, I wonder if I would have missed this name, one that I have come to really love.
Taking inspiration from my new love of classic names, here is a list of some of the best.

Marie/Maria/Mary - Given new life by Lady Mary Crawley


Team Japan

Team Japan


Sho Endo
Noriaki Kasai
Ayumu Hirano
Daisuke Takahashi
Ryo Aono
Yuta Watase
Satoshi Sakashita
Joji Kato
Kentaro Tsuda
Hidenori Isa
Keiichiro Nagashima
Yuzuru Hanyu
Daiki Ito
Taku Hiraoka
Chris Reed
Akira Lenting
Shane Williamson
Yoshito Watabe
Akito Watabe
Reruhi Shimizu


Yurie Adachi
Mao Asada
Mika Hori
Yumie Funayama
Rana Okada
Cathy Reed
Moemi Kikuchi
Shiho Ishizawa
Yuka Fujimori
Arisa Murata
Tomoko Sakagami
Masako Hozumi
Kanae Aoki
Nao Kodaira
Shoko Fujimura
Chiho Osawa
Akiko Suzuki
Moeko Fujimoto
Akane Konishi
Nana Fujimoto
Junko Hoshino
Miki Ito
Biba Sakurai
Fuyuko Suzuki

Team France

Team France


Jean Guillaume Beatrix
Thibaut Fauconnet
Florent Amodio
Benoit Valentin
Jeremy Baillard
Maxime Chataignier
Baptiste Gros
Fabian Bourzat
Lloyd James
Romain Heinrich
Sebastien Lacroix
Johann Baisamy
Benjamin Cavet
Ewen Fernandez
Guillermo Fayed
Sylvain Dufour
Jean-Baptiste Grange
Arnaud Bovolenta
Paul-Henri De Le Rue
Xavier Bertoni
Loic Costerg
Alexis Boeuf
Cyril Gaillard
Thomas Krief
Arthur Longo
Renaud Jay
Elly Lefort
Cyprien Richard


Charlotte Bankes
Marion Josserand
Deborah Anthonioz
Adeline Baud
Marielle Berger Sabbatel
Celia Aymonier
Anais Bescond
Pernelle Carron
Coraline Hugue
Aurore Jean
Mae Berenice Meite
Veronique Pierron
Alizee Baron
Clemence Grimal
Nelly Moenne Loccoz
Anemone Marmottan
Anne-Sophie Barthet
Ophelie David
Marie Laure Brunet
Anouk Faivre Picon
Vanessa James
Morgane Bonnefoy
Aurelie Dabudyk
Perrine Laffont
Nastasia Noens
Mirabelle Thovex

Melissa George Welcomes a Baby Boy

Melissa and Jean-David

Actress Melissa George, known for "The Good Wife" and "30 Days of Night, has welcomed a baby boy, Raphaël, with boyfriend Jean-David Blanc.

Team Finland

Team Finland


Juhamatti Aaltonen
Lasse Kukkonen
Anton Lindfors
Santeri Paloniemi
Markus Malin
Otso Raisanen
Leo Komarov
Sami Jauhojaervi
Ikka Herola
Aleksi Patja
Teemu Selanne
Pekka Koskela
Iivo Niskanen
Janne Korpi
Peetu Piiroinen
Roope Tonteri


Merika Enne
Venla Hovi
Anna Kilponen
Tea Villia
Meeri Raisanen
Eveliina Suonpaa
Aino-Kaisa Saarinen
Rosa Lindstedt
Kerttu Niskanen
Mona-Lisa Malvalehto
Susanna Tapani
Mari Laukkanen
Annina Rajahuta
Noora Raty
Minttu Tuominen

Team Austria

Team Austria

I love the Olympics, and always look forward to them. One of the best parts of them is hearing all the interesting names. I couldn't pass up this opportunity to write some posts about them! Today's team is Austria.

*Please be noted that some of the teams are very large, so I will only be highlighting some of the names from the teams.


Matthias Mayer
Dominik Landertinger
Simon Eder
Daniel Messotitsch
Christoph Sumann
Julian Eberhard
Reinfried Herbst
Luca Tribondeau
Andreas Matt
Otmar Striedinger
Mario Altmann
Wilhelm Denifl
Hanno Douschan
Romed Baumann
Johannes Duerr
Bernard Gruber
Manuel Latsua
Alessandro Haemmerle
Raphael Herburger
Marcel Hirscher
Florian Iberer
Matthias Iberer
Severin Kiefer
Wolfgang Kindl
Klaus Kroell
Marco Ladner
Viktor Pfeiffer
Joachim Puchner
Clemens Schattschneider
Angel Somov


Miriam Kastlunger
Birgit Platzer
Nina Reithmayer
Philomena Bair
Iris Schwabl
Vanessa Bittner
Janine Flock
Susanne Moll
Kerstin Frank
Elisabeth Goergl
Cornelia Huetter
Lisa Theresa Hauser
Chiara Hoelzl
Nicole Hosp
Katharina Innerhofer
Viola Kleiser
Marion Kreiner
Veronika Mayerhofer

What Middle Names Would You Give to the Darling Boys?

John, Michael, and Wendy in "Peter Pan" 2003

In "Peter Pan", Wendy's full name is given as Wendy Moira Angela Darling. Her brothers are John Napoleon Darling, and Michael Nicholas Darling. It may just be me, but it always irks me when one sibling has more middles than the other. So what one new middle name would you give to the Darling boys?

Bonus: Give their parents, Mary and George, middle names.

My choices:

John Napoleon Rory Darling
Michael Nicholas Finnegan Darling

Mary Winifred Darling
George Edgar Darling

The Children of Prince Pavlos of Greece, and Denmark

Marie-Chantal and Pavlos

Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece, Prince of Denmark, was born to King Constantine II and Queen Anne Marie. He married Marie-Chantal, who was born María Clara.
Their children are:

Maria-Olympia, "Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark"

Constantine-Alexios, "Prince Constantine-Alexios of Greece and Denmark"

Achileas-Andreas, "Prince Achileas-Andreas of Greece and Denmark"

Odysseas-Kimon, "Prince Odysseus-Kimon of Greece and Denmark"

Aristides-Stavros, "Prince Aristides-Stavros of Greece and Denmark"

Top Names in Finland

Finnish stamp from 2007

These are the top names for Finland among Finnish speakers in 2012.


1. Ella
2. Sofia
3. Emma
4. Aada
5. Aino
6. Venla
7. Helmi
8. Emilia
9. Siiri
10. Sara


1. Onni
2. Elias
3. Eetu, Leo
4. Aleksi
5. Niilo
6. Veeti
7. Oliver
8. Joona
9. Eino
10. Leevi, Lauri