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Names from Ogden's St. Julien Cigarette Cards - Pt. 2

Here's the second and last part to the previous post. Hope everyone who read enjoyed! Madge Lessing Margaret Halston Marie George Marie Studholme Miss Flopp Miss Forster Miss Fortescue Miss Kerin Miss M. Morris Miss M. Sayre Miss Marie Shields Miss McNaughton Miss R. Maitland Mrs. Brown Potter Mrs. Patrick Campbell Muriel Beaumont Nina Sevening Nora Lancaster Olga Nethersole Phyllis Rankin Ruby Verdi Sarah Brooke Vera Beringer Winifred Emery

Names from Ogden's St. Julien Cigarette Cards - Pt. 1

Starting in 1875 in the US by the Allen and Ginter tobacco company, cigarette cards, which were sold in packs of cigarettes to not only stiffen the cigarette package, but also as a bit of clever advertising. They would feature anything from boxers, actresses, nature, military heroes, and sportsmen. They went extinct during WWII, being discontinued to save paper, and never really picked back up, however one company, Doral, started trying to do so in 2000. I came upon the Ogden's St. Julien collection called "beauty series" featuring actresses some time in the 1900's, and thought it would rather interesting to list their names! Tell me what you think of this post, and which names were your favorites, of course! Blanche Thorpe Cissie Loftus Clara Butt Dora Barton Dorothea Baird Esme Beringer Ethel Barrymore Ethel Irving Ethel Matthews Evelyn Millard Frances Earle Helen Macbeth Hilda Gunn Isabel Jay Jane May Jessie Mooney Julia Arthur Kate Cove

On My Mind: 1-10-18

Happy New Year! Timothée - The first time this name really caught my attention was on actor Timothée Chalamet, a breakout star of the coming of age film "Call Me by Your Name". It is simply the French form of Timothy, pronounced vaguely like TEE-MAW-TAE. Chalamet, who was raised primarily in Hell's Kitchen, is the son of a Jewish mother and French father, and has a sister who lives in Paris named Pauline. He is fluent in French, and spent summers in "a little village about two hours outside of Lyon". Mauricio/Maurizio/Maurício - At work there was a large foreign family, and I overheard the youngest member being called one of these names. I originally thought they were Spanish, but their pronunciation makes me lean towards the second option listed above, which is Italian. The name was really beautiful to hear, and I've taken quite a shine to it since hearing it. Caleb - I've always liked this classic, Biblical option, and 2018 is t