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Male or Female?

Darcey Bussell                                     Fitzwilliam Darcy ( P & P 2005) I'm back with a name game. It was really interesting seeing the results of my two "This or That's", so I figured I would continue on and come up with another. In this one, for each name listed you will add what gender you prefer it on or see it as. Let me know yours and I'll list mine. Morgan Devon Hollis Greer Taylor Winter Sasha Joss Shannon Aubrey Briar Harper Darcy Flannery Mel River Jaimie Nikita Indiana Kelly Jordan Rory Alex Casey Kit Riley

The Children of Gisela of Austria

Gisela of Austria Archduchess Gisela of Austria was born Gisela Louise Marie to Franz Joseph I of Austria and Elisabeth of Bavaria. She married Prince Leopold of Bavaria , who was born Leopold Maximilian Joseph Maria Arnulf. Their children were: Elisabeth Marie Auguste, " Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria " Auguste Maria Luise, " Princess Auguste of Bavaria " Georg Franz Joseph Luitpold Maria, " Prince Georg of Bavaria " Konrad Luitpold Franz Joseph Maria, " Prince Konrad of Bavaria "

Arthurian Names Over at Nameberry

I totally forgot to post about this, but I did a post on a few more obscure names from Arthurian myth over at Nameberry ! Please go and check it out.

My Guilty Pleasures

"Brünnhilde" by Arthur Rackham I have so many guilty pleasure names, and they are some of my favorite to talk about. These are the names I absolutely love but (probably) wouldn't use in real life. This post will probably be really long, so I apologize in advance. Please post some of your guilty pleasures in the comments! Girls: Veruca Hortensia Dymphna Myfanwy Atalanta Aviatrix Nimue Belphoebe Romola Iphigenia Bloom Noomi Tanaquil Bidelia Hero Priya Garland Thisbe Bathsheba Andromeda Thistle Dahl Persia Valkyrie Nasrin Virgilia Brunhilde Nym/Nim Calpurnia Ursula Truly Clothilde Gosling Eglantine Dagmar Tinúviel Celandine Sidonia Eilonwy Hecate Delphi Mirabeau and Isabeau Fiammetta Evening Moth Abbott Bliss Fairuza Coppélia Temple Rosegold Mauve Scholastica Heatherbell Nebula Easter Haruka Tuesday Cassiopeia Illyria Rosevine Boys: Sigurd Ivar Aneirin/Aneurin Bede Haytham Eamonn Leopold Ferdinand