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Cottagecore Baby Names

The Cottages of Auvers by Paul Cézanne For those that aren't in the know, Cottagecore is a type of style that has taken the world by storm. Here's what the dictionary has to say on the word: "an aesthetic or imagery inspired by an old-fashioned, rural lifestyle, characterized by rustic décor and fashion, a revival of traditional handicrafts, etc.: For many, cottagecore can seem like a respite in our overstimulated world."  Cottagecore is a style I like for myself very much, and reminds me of Little Women + Studio Ghibli , reading by the fireplace, tending to the chickens, wearing vintage clothing and baking endless loaves of bread. Now, I've been pondering what sort of names could fit that style, and these are what I've come up with! What are your thoughts on Cottagecore , and do these names fit it? For similar names to these, check out Names from Brambly Hedge ! Little Women: Alice Alma Amaryllis Aster Autumn Beatrix Billie Blythe Briar Bridget Clover Cora/C