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The Children of Infanta Blanca of Spain

Infanta Blanca and Archduke Leopold Salvator with their ten children Infanta Blanca of Spain was born to Infante Carlos, Duke of Madrid and Infanta Margherita of Bourbon-Parma, Duchess of Madrid . She married Archduke Leopold Salvator, Prince of Tuscany . Their children were: Maria de los Dolores Beatrix Carolina Blanca Leopoldina, "Archduchess Dolores of Austria" Maria Immaculata Karoline Margarethe Blanka Leopoldine Beatrix Anna, "Archduchess Immaculata of Austria" , called "Mac" Margarita Raineria Maria Antonia Blanka Leopoldine Beatrix Anna Josephina, "Archduchess Margaretha of Austria" , called "Meg" Rainer Karl Leopold Blanka Anton Margarete Beatrix Peter Joseph Raphael Michael Ignaz Stephan, "Archduke Rainer of Austria" . Died age 34 of blood-poisoning. Leopold Maria Alfons Blanka Karl Anton Beatrix Michael Joseph Peter Ignatz, "Archduke Leopold of Austria, Prince of Tuscany" Maria Antonia Roberta Blanka Leopo

On My Mind: 5-29-22

Johnna and one of her daughters ( credit ) Social Media Babies - I've been obsessively scrolling through @emdoodlesandstuff's account on TikTok. She is a name lover like so many of us, and she also makes the most spot-on predictions for celebrities and influencers. It's thanks to her that I came across several interesting influencer baby names! Here are the ones that stood out the most to me: Solveig Heartsong - This is the name chosen by Johnna @foxmeetsbear on Instagram for her fourth daughter! She has a great style, a little cottagecore meets farm-chic, and I think this name is the perfect choice for her. Her other daughters are named Luella, Minoux and Juniper. Zaza Princeton - The Skinny Confidential's founder Lauryn Evarts Bosstick's daughter. She is named after Zsa Zsa Gabor, only based on a mispronunciation of her name. Broederlow Jay - This is JayCee Wall's newest baby. It is her husband's mother's maiden name and they shared they will be calli

If You Like Elsa, Then You'll Love...

Norwegian soprano Kirsten Flagstad as Elsa of Brabant in Lohengrin , circa 1929 Hello everyone, back again with another of my posts where I suggest alternatives to popular names! Today's choice is Elsa, a name which has always had a bit of popularity, but skyrocketed to fame after Frozen came out in 2013. One of the best qualities of Elsa, in my opinion, is its universality--it's used in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, English and many more countries, making it a great choice for a multilingual family. Elsa is soft but strong, and calls to mind snow and Northern lights. Asta - Short, sweet and full of strength, Asta is a perfect alternative to Elsa. Asta is a Swedish, Danish and Norwegian short form of Astrid, which comes from Old Norse elements  áss, meaning "God", and  fríðr, which means "beautiful" or "beloved". While popular in Denmark, where it sits comfortably at #14, Asta is practically unused in other countries, making it ripe for