The Children of Infanta Blanca of Spain

Infanta Blanca and Archduke Leopold Salvator with their ten children

Infanta Blanca of Spain was born to Infante Carlos, Duke of Madrid and Infanta Margherita of Bourbon-Parma, Duchess of Madrid. She married Archduke Leopold Salvator, Prince of Tuscany.
Their children were:

Maria de los Dolores Beatrix Carolina Blanca Leopoldina, "Archduchess Dolores of Austria"

Maria Immaculata Karoline Margarethe Blanka Leopoldine Beatrix Anna, "Archduchess Immaculata of Austria", called "Mac"

Margarita Raineria Maria Antonia Blanka Leopoldine Beatrix Anna Josephina, "Archduchess Margaretha of Austria", called "Meg"

Rainer Karl Leopold Blanka Anton Margarete Beatrix Peter Joseph Raphael Michael Ignaz Stephan, "Archduke Rainer of Austria". Died age 34 of blood-poisoning.

Leopold Maria Alfons Blanka Karl Anton Beatrix Michael Joseph Peter Ignatz, "Archduke Leopold of Austria, Prince of Tuscany"

Maria Antonia Roberta Blanka Leopoldina Karole Josepha Raphaela Michaela Ignatia Aurelia, "Archduchess Maria Antonia of Austria", called "Mimi"

Anton Maria Franz Leopold Blanka Karl Joseph Ignaz Raphael Michael Margareta Nicetas, "Archduke Anton of Austria"

Assunta Alice Ferdinandine Blanca Leopoldina Margarethe Beatrix Raphaela Michaela Philomena, "Archduchess Assunta of Austria"

Franz Josef Karl Leopold Blanka Adelgunde Ignatius Rafael Michael, "Archduke Franz Josef of Austria, Prince of Tuscany"

Carolus Pius Maria Adelgonda Blanka Leopoldus Ignatius Raphael Michael Salvator Chrillus Angelus Barbara, "Archduke Karl Pius of Austria, Prince of Tuscany". Died age 44 of  cerebral hemorrhage.


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