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On My Mind: 12-22-17

The Cast of "The Last Jedi" Star Wars Names - I'm going to remain mum on my opinion on The Last Jedi (I'm still conflicted) however I will comment on some of my favorite names from the Star Wars universe! From the common Rey , Finn , Luke , and Leia , to the more unusual but just as lovely Ahsoka ,  Padmé Amidala (both usable  if you're brave!), Kylo , Phasma , Bail , and Poe . In latest installment they introduced a new character named Admiral Holdo - her first name being the attractive  Amilyn . Creeley - I've been watching USA's new show "Damnation". One of the characters, a mysterious strike-breaker played by Logan Marshall-Green, is named Creeley . I can see the appeal for some people, especially those who like that sort of southern boy sound. Creeley is an Irish surname, derived from Mac Raghallaigh by way of Crawley or MacCrawley. Robin - I've always loved the name Robin for a boy, but after catching "Gunpowder", th

Romantic: Girls

"Women in a Garden" by Claude Monet My definition of a romantic name is something usually long, frilly, sometimes a little heavy and dusty or sometimes whispery and soft, a name I could imagine on a lady walking through a garden in Victorian clothes, or at a ball, dancing in pink, lilac, or blue. Maybe even on a girl with hair cropped to her chin, wandering outside barefooted, a notepad in her hand, drawing butterflies and getting caught in the rain. The smells I imagine are petrichor, linen, and roses. Sounds are water in a fountain, rustling of leaves, pencil on paper. What do you consider a "romantic" name? Do any of the ones I listed make you feel the same? Please let me know in the comment section below. Cassandra Theodosia Gwendolen and Guinevere Helena Marguerite Georgette Francesca Winifred Euphemia Thomasina Louisa Marisol Fenella Esmeray Pernille Violette Josephine Giosetta Veronique Lilias Cecily and Cecile Philomena and  Philom


Origin: Lithuanian Gender: Female Meaning: "To weave" Pronunciation: N/A Other forms:  Austė Hello everyone! Sorry it's been such another long break, but I'm back today with a beautiful name from Lithuanian Mythology.  Austėja is the Goddess of bees, primarily, but also blossoms, honey, and fellowship. She is also said to protect families, brides, and pregnant women. A Lithuanian tradition called " biciulyste", which is about making friends through bees. People had to share hives, and because of this became good friends, and sometimes families ended up related through marriage. Bees were thought to be able to tell a person's personality, whether they were good or bad, and were said to sting angry or jealous people. Bees and beekeeping are extremely important in Lithuanian culture - there is even a museum dedicated to it - "The Lithuanian Museum of Ancient Beekeeping". During the " Bičkopis", a honey gathering feast, people wo