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On My Mind: 5-30-18

"Miriam" by Anselm Feuerbach I'm currently enjoying my first day off since the 21st so I thought I'd try and post a little bit! We've been having tons of huge school groups at work so every time before when I had a day off I just wanted rest and quiet, so blogging wasn't on the forefront of my mind. But I finally got a little bit of rest and am back in the swing of things. My Name, 2017 Style - Time Magazine has this great little gadget where if you enter your name and birth year, it will tell you what your name would have been in 2017 going on what your name was ranked the year you were born. My name, Bree , was ranked 713th in the year I was born, making my new name Dalia . In 2016 I would have been Akira , in the 1920's I would have been called Rosebud , and in the 1900's I would have been the zippy Zara . What would you have been? Salem - I've gotten a new cat - a kitten from a litter at my grandmother's house, which is currently b

The Children of Karl Friedrich, Prince Hohenzollern

Karl Friedrich and Alexandra Karl Friedrich, Prince Hohenzollern was born Karl Friedrich Emich Meinrad Benedikt Fidelis Maria Michael Gerold to Friedrich Wilhelm, Prince of Hohenzollern and Princess Margarita of Leiningen . He married Countess Alexandra Shenck von Stauffenberg . Their children are: Alexander Friedrich Antonius Johannes, " Alexander, Hereditary Prince of Hohenzollern " Philippa Marie Carolina Isabelle, " Princess Philippa " Flaminia Pia Eilika Stephane, " Princess Flaminia " Antonia Elisabeth Georgina Tatiana, " Princess Antonia "

The Child of Géraldine of Albania

Géraldine of Albania Queen  Géraldine of Albania was born Countess  Géraldine Margit Virginia Olga  Mária Apponyi de Nagy-Appony to Count Gyula Apponyi de Nagy-Appony   and Gladys Virginia Stewart , an American woman from Virginia. She married King Zog I of Albania , who was born Ahmet Muhtar Zogolli. They had one child: Leka, " Leka, Crown Prince of Albania "; at birth he was called Prince Skander