The Children of Owen Philipps, 1st Baron Kylsant

Owen Philipps, Ist Baron Kylsant

Owen Philipps, 1st Baron Kylsant, was born Owen Cosby Philipps to Reverend Sir James Erasmus Philipps, 12th Baronet of Picton Castle and the Hon. Mary Best. He was a prominent British businessman and politician, known for his trial and imprisonment in 1931 for producing a document with intention to deceive. He married Mai Alice Magdalene Morris.
Their children were:

Nesta Donne Philipps, later "The Hon. Nesta Donne Philipps, Countess of Coventry"

Olwen Gwynne Philipps, later "The Hon. Olwen Gwynne Barker"

Honor Chedworth Philipps, later "The Hon. Honor Chedworth Henderson"


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