A List of Names Taken from French Royal Mistresses (3)

Hortense Mancini by Jacob Ferdinand Voet
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Diane d'Andoins - Henry IV

Françoise de Montmorency-Fosseux - Henry IV

Esther Imbert - Henry IV

Antoinette de Pons - Henry IV

Gabrielle d'Estrées, Duchess of Beaufort - Henry IV - Had children by him named César de Bourbon, duc de Vendome, Catherine Henriette de Bourbon, and Alexandre de Bourbon, Chevalier de Vendôme.

Henriette d'Entragues, Marquise de Verneuil - Henry IV - Had children by him named Gaston Henri, duc de Verneuil also known as Henri de Bourbon, and Gabrielle Angelique de Bourbon, Madame Verneuil.

Jacqueline de Bueil, Countess of Moret - Henry IV - Had a son by him named Antoine, Count de Moret.

Charlotte des Essarts - Henry IV - Had daughters by him named Jeanne Baptiste, and Marie Henriette.

Charlotte Marguerite de Montmorency - Henry IV

Charlotte de Sauve - Henry IV - Also a spy for Catherine de' Medici.

Catherine Bellier - Louis XIV

Olympe Mancini, Countess of Soissons - Louis XIV - Also known as Olympia, she was one of the five famous Mancini sisters, nieces to the Cardinal Mazarin. The other sisters were Laura "Laure", Olympia "Olympe", Anna Maria "Marie", Marie Anne, and Ortensia "Hortense". They also had three brothers, Paul, Philippe, and Alphonse.

Lucie de la Motte-Argencourt - Louis XIV

Mademoiselle de Marivault - Louis XIVMarie Mancini - Louis XIV - Another Mancini. She was originally Anna Maria, and won the love of the King, who desired to marry her. She was eventually exiled.

The daughter of a gardener known simply as NN - Louis XIV - She had an unnamed daughter by him.

Hortense Mancini - Louis XIV - She was born Ortensia but was known in France as Hortense. She was proposed to by the exiled king Charles II of England, but her uncle wasn't interested in the pairing, thinking he had little potential. When he became the King of England in the months following, he tried to get them back together, and even gave her a dowry of 5 millions livres. Her marriage later was a strange one, and eventually she took a female lover. Her husband had them both sent to a convent where they terrorized the nuns and escaped out the chimney. She left her husband and lived under the protection of Louis XIV for many years.

Henrietta Anne of England - Louis XIV - Most shockingly, his sister-in-law.

Louise de La Vallière - Louis XIV - Had children by him named Charles, Philippe, and Louis de La Baume de Le Blanc, and two who were legitimized; Marie Anne de Bourbon and Louis de Bourbon, Count of Vermandois.

Bonne de Pons d'Heudicourt - Louis XIV

Catherine Charlotte de Gramont - Louis XIV

Françoise Athénaïs de Rochechouart de Mortemart, Marquise of Montespan - Louis XIV - She was called the true Queen of France due to her influence. She had children by him named Louise Françoise de Bourbon (died at age two), Louis-Auguste de Bouron, Louis César de Bourbon, Louise Françoise de Bourbon, Louise Marie Anne de Bourbon, Françoise Marie de Bourbon, and Louis Alexandre de Bourbon, who were legitimized.

Gabrielle de Rochechouart de Mortemart, Marquise of Thianges - Louis XIV - Sister to Françoise Athénaïs.

Anne de Rohan-Chabot - Louis XIV

Françoise d'Aubigné, Marquise of Maintenon - Louis XIV - Became Louis' second wife, though it was never officially announced.

Claude de Vin des Œillets - Louis XIV - Involved in the scandalous Affair of the Poisons, during which members of the aristocracy were charged with poisoning and witchcraft. She had a daughter by him named Louise de Maisonblanche.

Isabelle de Ludres - Louis XIV

Marie Angélique de Scorailles, Duchess of Fontanges - Louis XIV - Possibly died from poisoning during the Affair of the Poisons. She had a son and possibly a daughter by Louis.


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