On My Mind: 3-6-21

Detail from 15th century miniature featuring Timarete

Names from The Wolf Den - I recently had the pleasure of reading The Wolf Den by Elodie Harper, which releases on the 29th of this month (look for a review from me around that time on the other blog). It is set in Ancient Rome, Pompeii to be exact, and follows the life of a prostitute. The main character is given the name Amara (her pimp tells her it is half way between love and bitter -- amare and amarum), but was born Timarete, in Aphidnai. Timarete means comes from the elements τιμη, meaning "honor, esteem", and ἀρετὴ, which means "virtue or excellence". It is also the name of a famous artist from Ancient Greece, who is sometimes credited as Thamyris. Other characters are Dido, Cressa, Victoria, Beronice, Fabia, Drusilla, Drauca, Attice, Paris, Gallus, Felix, Rufus, and Menander, whose real name is Kallias.

Mikey, for a girl - I've always been a huge fan of a boy's nickname for a girl, like Freddie for Frederica, Frankie for Frances, or Gus for Augusta! Recently, I discovered the actress Mikey Madison, who has starred in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and the newest Scream film. As far as I know, it's not a nickname, but I still think it's sweet, and fits her so well.

Maude and Iris - Actress Leslie Mann and director Judd Apatow's eldest daughter, Maude, has recently become a bit of an "It-Girl" following her role in the uber-popular show Euphoria. I've always admired her name, and thought her sister's name, Iris, fit with hers so well! 


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