On My Mind: 12-5-21

"Ilmarinen Ploughs a Field of Vipers" by Akseli Gallen-Kallela, 1916

Nella - I'm getting around to reading one of my most anticipated books of the year: The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner. So far I'm loving it (expect a review on my book blog!) and the name of one of the protagonists -- Nella. I can really see it taking off. It fits in perfectly among the ever popular Ella-Bella crowd and would be an excellent choice for parents looking for an alternative with a similar sound and none of the spotlight. It brings to mind the author Nella Larsen, who famously wrote Passing, which was just made into a film starring Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga. In her case, it was short for Nellallitea!

Miskweminanocsqua - November was Native American History month, and I always want to highlight some Native American names, but struggle with my lack of knowledge on them. I feel like I never know if they are legitimate or not, and I would hate to post something that isn't authentic, so I always try my hardest to research any name to the fullest. I would love if any Native American readers of mine would contact me (anyone can request a name to be featured on my Name Requests and Naming Help page!) about some names they'd like to see featured.

One Native American name I stumbled upon is Miskweminanocsqua, meaning "raspberry star woman", and knew I had to post about it! Autumn Rose Miskweminanocsqua Williams of the Shinnecock tribe won the title of Miss Native American USA a few years ago and while I can't find the story behind her name, I do have an amazing interview with her for those who are interested.

Ilmarinen - I have a soft spot for Finnish names and their beautiful, poetic meanings. I also have a great love for mythologies of all origins, so it is no surprise that I immediately fell in love with Ilmarinen. Pronounced "EEL-mah-ree-nehn", Ilmarinen comes from ilma, meaning "air". In the Kalevala, a huge work of epic poetry based on Finnish and Karelian folklore and mythology, Ilmarinen is an immortal smith and the creator of the sky. His mother was the semi-androgynous Goddess of the Heavens, Ilmatar. Her name has been modernized into the short and sweet Ilma and Ilmi.

Percy (for a Girl) - One of my favorite makeup artists to watch on youtube is Hindash. I love how natural he keeps it, a far cry from foundation-caked look that is usually so popular! He recently did a look using makeup from the Chinese brand Florasis, and used a beautiful Chinese model whose name is Percy! Percy comes from an English surname, derived from the Norman town of Perci, but is more commonly known as a nickname for the Arthurian Percival. The short-lived revival of Upstairs, Downstairs featured a Lady Percy -- short for Persephone. I'm really liking this name for a girl!


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