Miss Grand International 2021 Contestants (Part One)

Miss Angola, Márcia Marília Menezes

I've been seeing the beautiful costumes from the Miss Grand International Pageant all over Twitter and my curiosity was piqued and of course, I had to check out the names! There are fifty-nine contestants so I decided to chop this post up into two parts. Let me know your thoughts on these fascinating monikers!

Hygerta Hidri (Albania)

Márcia Marília Menezes (Angola)

Florencia Melanie de Palo (Argentina)

Kristina Goharik Ayanian (Armenia)

Angolina Amores (Australia)

MJ Chowdhury (Bangladesh)

Zomkey Tenzin (Belgium)

Eloísa Gutiérrez Rendón (Bolivia)

Lorena Gonçalves Rodrigues (Brazil)

Sothida Pokimtheng (Cambodia)

Olga Bykadorova (Canada)

Vanessa Camila Francisca Echevarria Maizares (Chile)

Mariana Jaramillo (Colombia)

Adriana Moya Alvarado (Costa Rica)

Geysel Vaillant (Cuba)

Kimberley Fabiola Fernandes (Curacao)

Barbora Aglerová (Czech Republic)

Stephanie Mercedes Medina (Dominican Republic)

Andrea Victoria Aquilera (Ecuador)

Shahenaz Alaa Dabous (Egypt)

Iris Yasmín Guerra (El Salvador)

Elodie Sirulnick (France)

Luisa Victoria Malz (Germany)

María José Sazo (Guatamala)

Lynn Rubiane St. Germain (Haiti)

Celia Maria Perdomo Monterosa (Honduras)

Sen Yang (Hong Kong)

Manika Sheokhand (India)

Sophie Louise Rogan (Indonesia)


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