On My Mind: 8-22-21

Starloe -
While watching Good Morning America I noticed a really interesting name! They had a segment featuring different teachers and one of them was Starloe Galleta from Florida. In a world of Harlows, could Starloe, or even Starlow, be the next big thing? 

Evanora - I recently finished Auralee Wallace's first book in her newest series about a family of witches that run a B&B and happen to get caught up in some mysteries. One of her aunts is called Nora, but her full name is Evanora! I thought that was really pretty, and perfectly witchy. Evanora has another magical connection -- it's the Wicked Witch of the West's name in Oz the Great and PowerfulIn the Company of Witches comes out October 5th, and will be a wonderful choice for all your Halloween needs!

Riva - I just finished one of my most coveted books of 2021 -- Sistersong (read my review here!) by Lucy Holland. The eldest sister is named Riva, which I've always been partial to. Riva is a diminutive of Rivka, the modern Hebrew form of Biblical Rebecca, and means "to join, snare, or tie". 

Devrim - I recently watched the 2020 adaption of Sheridan Le Fanu's classic vampire tale, Carmilla, and although it wasn't exactly stand-out, the girl who played the titular character was. Her name is Devrim Lingnau, and she is German-Turkish. Devrim is a Turkish name meaning "revolution", and is most commonly used for boys.


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