On My Mind: 8-1-21

Sunisa "Suni" Lee

Sunisa - I've always loved watching the Olympics growing up and one of the main reasons was because I loved seeing all the different names! One I can really see catching on is that of Sunisa "Suni" Lee. Sunisa is Hmong, a small ethnic group, and her parents are both originally from Laos. Sunisa is a Thai name (there is a large group of native Lao speakers in northeast Thailand!) that means "good night".

Horatia - Book lover that I am, I had to see which made it to the longlist for the Booker Prize. One of the judges is Horatia Harrod, an editor for the Financial Times' Life and Art section. Horatia is, of course, the feminization of Horatio, or Horatius, and possibly means "hour". Another Horatia is TV chef Nigella Lawson's sister (her other siblings include Dominic, Thomasina and Tom).

Ayv and Romy - As a lover of all things baby and motherhood and, especially, names, I sometimes peruse the The Glow, which celebrates mothers and their fashion. Eden Grinshpan, who is the Canadian host of Top Chef, was featured there after the birth of her first daughter, who she named Ayv (and clarifies that is rhymes with "wave" in an instagram post). Recently, she had another little girl who they called Romy.

That's it for today's post! I hope you all have a great upcoming week and new month!


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