Origin: Thai
Gender: Female
Meaning: "Praised"
Pronunciation: lah-lee-SAH
Other Forms: N/A

My sister is a huge fan of K-pop, and after a long time resisting I have a confession to make: I like it. In fact, I think it's fun, catchy, and uplifting, and did I mention, absolutely addictive? Her favorite group is BLACKPINK with her "bias" (for those uninitiated, her favorite member) being Lisa.

Lisa, the lead rapper, is actually Thai, and is the first non-Korean to be agented by YG Entertainment. She was born Pranpriya Manoban in Buriram Province, Thailand and is the only child of her mother's. Her stepfather, Marco Brüschweiler, who helped raise her, is a renowned Swiss chef. 

She later changed her name to Lalisa, which means "praised", at the behest of a fortune-teller, who claimed it would bring her prosperity.

I can easily see this name catching on, especially amongst fans. What do you think?


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