The Children of Maria of Austria-Este, Queen of Sardinia

Maria of Austria-Este and Victor Emmanuel with three of their daughters

Maria Theresa of Austria-Este was born Maria Theresia Josefa Johanna to Archduke Ferdinand of Austria and Maria Beatrice d'Este. She married Victor Emanuel I of Sardinia
Their children were:

Maria Beatrice Vittoria Giuseppina, " Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy"

Maria Adelaide Clothilde Xaveria Borbonia, "Princess Maria Adelaide of Savoy" - Died in Childhood

Carlo Emmanuele, "Prince Charles Emmanuel of Savoy" - Died in Childhood

A Daughter Who Died in Infancy

Maria Teresa Fernanda Felicitas Gaetana Pia, "Princess Maria Teresa of Savoy"

Maria Cristina Carlotta Giuseppina Gaetana Elise, "Princess Maria Cristina of Savoy"


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