The Children of Maria Luisa of Parma

Maria Luisa of Parma

Maria Luisa of Parma was born Luisa María Teresa Ana to Philip, Duke of Parma and Louise Élisabeth of France. She married Charles IV of Spain
Their children were:

Carlos Clemente - Died in Childhood

Carlota Joaquina Teresa Cayetana, "Doña Carlota Joaquina of Spain"

Maria Luisa - Died in Childhood

María Amalia, "Infanta María Amalia of Spain"

Carlos Domingo - Died in Childhood

María Luisa Josefina Antonieta Vicenta, "Infanta María Luisa of Spain", later "María Luisa, Duchess of Lucca"

Carlos Francisco de Paula and Felipe Francisco de Paula - Died in Childhood

Fernando Francisco de Paula Domingo Vincente Ferrer Antonio José Joaquín Pascual Diego Juan Nepomuceno Januario Francisco Javier Rafael Miguel Gabriel Calisto Cayetano Fausto Luis Raimundo Gregorio Lorenzo Jerónimo, "Ferdinand VII of Spain"

Carlos María Isidro Benito, "Infante Carlos, Count of Molina"

María Isabel, "María Isabella of Spain"

Maria Teresa - Died in Childhood

Felipe Maria - Died in Childhood

Francisco de Paula Antonio, "Infante Francisco de Paula of Spain"

In addition to these children Maria Luisa also had ten other pregnancies that ended in stillbirths.


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