On My Mind: 8-23-20

Jördis Triebel at the "Dark" Premiere

Julika and Jördis - A couple of weeks ago I finished my favorite series of all time - Netflix's "Dark". After getting past the emotional trauma of the finale I thought I would write about to of the most interesting names associated with Dark, that of Julika Jenkins and Jördis Triebel. 

Julika Jenkins plays one of the most mysterious and important characters of the show during middle age, Claudia Tiedemann. The daughter of a Welsh and German couple, Julika was born in Heidelberg, West Germany, in 1971. Julika is pronounced YOO-lee-kah, sort of like Yulia with a K, and is commonly a Hungarian diminutive of Julia. Jördis plays Katharina Nielsen, the mother of the Nielsen children, and she was born in Prenzlauer Berg, which was once the hub of East Germany's counterculture, which including the gay community, bohemians and Christian activists. The name Jördis is the German form of the more modern, Swedish, Hjördis, which in itself comes from the Ancient Scnadinavian Hjǫrdís! It means "sword maiden". I'm not completely sure of its pronunciation, I imagine it is something like "YUR-dis".

Briar Louise and Catherine May, to Name a Few - I just read the wonderful novel "Such a Fun Age" but Kiley Reid and highly recommend you do too! I found a lot of interesting names too, especially among one of the characters, influencer Alix Chamberlain's, friends. Alix herself has two girls, Briar Louise and Catherine May. Her friends have Payne and Prudence, Imani and Cleo, and Hudson. The protagonist is named Emira, which I've found is a Bosnian form of the Arabic Amirah. Amirah is the feminization of Amir, meaning "commander" or "prince". Her friends include Zara, Shaunie, and Josefa called "Sefa".


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