Angourie Rice

Origin: Aboriginal
Gender: Female
Meaning: Possibly "tail-feather of a seagull or sea eagle"
Pronunciation: ann-GOW-ree
Other Forms: N/A

I've finally gotten around to watching Kate Winslet's new show on HBO, Mare of Easttown, and I'm really enjoying it so far. It's gritty, and perfectly captures small-town life. Her daughter, Siobhan, is played by Australian actress Angourie Rice (her sister also has an unusual name -- Kalliope). Of course, being name-obsessed as I am, I immediately dove into researching the name!

Angourie herself is named after a town in New South Wales where her grandmother lived. Angourie is said to be from an Aboriginal word meaning "tail-feather of a seagull or sea eagle". For many of the indigenous people of Australia, the white-bellied sea eagle is an important figure, seen as guardian of the people and land. The seagull as well is highly regarded, and for some peoples it was common to have a small ceremonial carving of a gull's head with its body and wings made from feather string used during a mortuary ritual. 

Something about the sound and look of this name is so entrancing to me! What do you think of it? And what is your thought on names inspired by places?


  1. Not so sure on the grandmother part as I grew up in Angourie, and no there is no rice grown locally to the area, but good on ya Angourie !


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