On My Mind: 6-15-20

Magnolia Earl

I've been meaning to write something new forever but I'm currently going through a bad relapse of my OCD and depression, which is being exacerbated by quarantine and COVID-19. My posts may be a little more infrequent again, but know there will be some! I hope every one is feeling safe and heard during this trying time and know that if you aren't, you are not alone!

Rio and Tiago - I was such a huge fan of the original Starz production "Penny Dreadful", and despite that ending, which still infuriates me, I looked forward to their new show: "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels". Unfortunately it hasn't quite met my expectations, though I do love the inclusion of more characters of color! The main character is Santiago, called Tiago by his family. I can see this name taking off big time, along with the short and unisex name of another character, Rio. Names that contain a strong O sound or ending are becoming more and more popular, and I'll bet that soon people will be looking for something more unusual than Margot or Oliver.

Atheus Omni - I've always been artistic and have loved to draw and write ever since I can remember! So it's no surprise that I've developed a love for tattoos. I binge watch "Ink Masters", a competitive reality show all about tattoos, and two of the contestants, Ryan Ashley Malarkey and Arlo DiCristina, ended up getting married and recently having their first child, a boy they named Atheus Omni. Atheus is pronounced "UH-thee-US" per the Instagram page made for him, and comes from the Latin word which means "he who does not believe in God", or more succinctly, "Athiest". Omni means "All", "of all places and things".

Magnolia Earl - The gorgeous new Gerber baby has an equally gorgeous name - Magnolia Earl! She also happens to be the very first adopted baby to be chosen as the face of Gerber. I love the name Magnolia, and have fond memories of the beautiful Magnolia trees around my great-grandmother's house that I used to play in. 


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