On My Mind: 4-12-20

Björn Thors with his twin sons (credit)

Happy Easter to everyone that celebrates it, and hope you're having a good Sunday to those who don't.

Gijs, Thaddea, Lavinia and More - I'm currently making my way through Netflix's "The Letter for the King", based on a Dutch book by the same name. I'm a sucker for anything fantasy, and while it's nothing new, I think it would be great for younger viewers, and there's a lot of diversity as well! The characters boast some interesting names - a mix of made-up and rarer established names - such as Tiuri, Virdian, Iridian, and Jussipo to Iona, Lavinia, Darya, and Arman. Even the cast has some names of note. Iona is played by Thaddea Graham, and the villain Prince Viridian is played by Dutch actor Gijs (pronounced sort of like Heist but without the T) Blom.

An Icelandic Sib-Set: Also on Netflix there is a great new crime show called "The Valhalla Murders". It's Icelandic, and the main male character is played by actor Björn Thors, who has four children in real life: Dagur, Bryndis, and twin sons Björn and Stefán. I love them all, especially Bryndis, and could really see it catching on over here.


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