The Children of Franz Xavier of Saxony

Franz Xavier of Saxony

Prince Franz Xavier of Saxony was born Franz Xavier Albert August Ludwig Benno to Augustus III of Poland and Maria Josepha of Austria. He married morganatically his sister-in-law's lady in waiting, Maria Chiara Spinucci.
Their children were:

Ludwig Ruprecht Joseph Xavier, "Ludwig, Graf von der Lausitz"

Clara Maria Augusta Beatrice, "Clara Maria, Gräfin von der Lausitz" - Ludwig's twin

Joseph Xavier Karl Raphael Philipp Benno, "Joseph Xavier, Graf von der Lausitz"

Elisabeth Ursula Anna Cordula Xaviera, "Elisabeth Ursula, Gräfin von der Lausitz", later "Duchesse d'Esclignac"

Maria Anna Violente Katharina Martha Xaviera, "Maria Anna, Gräfin von der Lausitz", later "Princess of Oriolo"

Beatrix Marie Françoise Brigitte, "Beatrix Marie, Gräfin von der Lausitz", later "Marchesa di Corleto"

Kunigunde Anna Helena Maria Josepha, "Kunigunde Anna, Gräfin von der Lausitz", later "Marchesa Naro Montoro"

Maria Christina Sabina, "Maria Christina Sabina, Gräfin von der Lausitz", later "Princess of Arsoli"

A stillborn son

Cecilie Marie Adelaide Augustine, "Cecilie Marie, Gräfin von der Lausitz"


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