The Children of Duchess Maria Antonia of Bavaria

Maria Antonia Walpurgis of Bavaria

Duchess Maria Antonia, Princess of Bavaria, Electress of Saxony was born Maria Antonia Walpurgis Symphorosa to Charles VII, Holy Roman Emperor and Maria Amalia of Austria. She married Frederick Christian, Elector of Saxony. She was a composer, a singer, and harpsichordist known for her operas, which are still performed to this day.
Their children were:

A stillborn son

Friedrich August Joseph Maria Anton Johann Nepomuk Aloys Xaver, "Frederick Augustus I of Saxony"

Karl Maximilian Maria Anton Johann Nepomuk Aloys Franz Xavier Januar, "Karl of Saxony"

Joseph Maria Ludwig Johann Nepomuk Aloys Gonzaga Franz Xavier Januar Anton de Padua Polycarp, "Joseph of Saxony"

Anton Clemens Theodor Maria Joseph Johann Evangelista Nepomuk Franz Xaver Aloys Januar, "Anthony of Saxony"

Maria Amalia Anna Josepha Antonia Justina Augustina Xaviera Aloysia Johanna Nepomucena Magdalena Walburga Katharina, "Maria Amalia of Saxony"

Maximilian Maria Joseph Anton Johann Baptist Johann Evangelista Ignaz Augustin Xavier Aloys Johann Nepomuk Januar Hermenegild Agnellis Paschalis, "Maximilian of Saxony"

Theresia Maria Josepha Magdalena Anna Antonia Walburga Ignatia Xaviera Augustina Aloysia Fortunata, "Maria Anna of Saxony"

A stillborn son


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