Origin: Unknown, possibly Germanic
Gender: Female
Meaning: N/A
Pronunciation: N/A
Other forms: N/A

Thank you to Winter Flodman-Cash for suggesting Thadéline!

I always love discovering new and unusual names, and love trying to find where they come from, so I was excited to do some research on Thadéline. To me, Thadéline looks like a form of the Ancient Germanic Theudelinda, also sometimes seen as Theodelinda or Dietlinde, which comes from theud, "people", and linde, "soft, tender". I would pronounce it either as "THAD-day-leen" or "TAH-day-leen".
Another idea is that is possibly just an elaborate feminine form of Thaddeus, meaning something like "heart". Theodelinda was a Queen of the Lombards, and is credited as building churches in Tuscany and Lombardy, after converting her second husband, Agilulf, to Catholicism. Either way, it is a beautiful name! Thanks for bringing this one to my attention.


  1. I love how this post tied right into a previously requested post on Agilulf. Thadeline is gorgeous. She is tailored, refined, and elegant. I can't believe that she isn't seeing much use in 2016. She pairs well with names like Nadine and Madeleine. Her short and sweet sister variations, Taddea and Thaddea are seeing use according to Nameberry, this version should be considered too. Thanks for featuring her. Hopefully, your post will spark some interest and consideration. I'd be tickled pink if I met a Thadeline. 😍😊


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