Photoplay, February 1921
February is the second month of the year. It is the shortest month and the only month with fewer than thirty days in it. The Romans called the month Februarius which came from the Latin februum, which means "purification". Februa was a purification festival held by the Romans from the 13th of February to the 15th, which was sort of a "spring cleaning" type of ritual. A God, Februus, who personified the month and purification, came afterwards, and may have even gone on to become Febris, (meaning "fever") a Goddess of her namesake and malaria.

In Finland February is called Helmikku, which means "month of pearls", referring to the snow droplets on branches that freeze into something resembling pearls.
It's birth flower is the Violet and common Primrose. The birthstone is the Amethyst, a gem thought to protect one from becoming drunk, and the Zodiac signs are Aquarius, the water carrier Ganymede, and Pisces, the fish.

February is best known for Valentine's Day, a holiday to celebrate love and lovers, which came from a celebration of the Saint Valentinus. Legend states that while imprisoned he healed the daughter of the jailer, and left her a note signed "Your Valentine".

February in Other Languages: Février (French), Febrero (Spanish), Febbraio (Italian), Helmikku (Finnish)
Flowers: Primrose, Violet, Primula (Primula vulgaris is the scientific name for the common Primrose), Viola (The Violet genus).
Gems: Amethyst, Amethystos (the Greek word for it, and also a woman from mythology)
Zodiac: Aquarius, Ganymede, Pisces, Aysu (moon water), Arethusa (possibly "the waterer"; a nymph), Dalit ("to draw water"), Damla ("water drop"), Douglas ("dark river"), Mortimer ("still water"), Niloofar ("water lily"), Irving ("green water"), Mina ("fish"), Minali ("fish catcher").
Second: Secundus
Valentine's: Valentine, Valentinus, Valentina, Valent, Valentin, Valentino; Bihotz ("heart"), Angharad ("more love"), Cordula ("heart"), Amadeus ("love of God"), Hubert ("bright heart"), Dove, Kokoro ("heart, spirit"), Philomena ("friend, lover), Lev ("heart"), Kerensa ("love"), Jonah ("dove")
Other: Februarius, Februus, Febris


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