On My Mind: 2-2-15

Keomi Gray as "Vivien" by Frederick Sandys
I've only got two boys names today.

Keomi - Keomi Gray was the lover and model of Frederick Sandys. She was Romani and lived in a Romani camp when they met. She eventually married another man, but did have four children with Sandys; Ethel Maud, Frederick Cyril, Madeline, and Henry Herbert. With her husband she had Nellie, Florence, and Rose. I thought Keomi was very unusual and surprisingly modern for the period. One source even states her full name was Ketyumas Gray.

Simeon - I went to church with my grandmother yesterday, and in one of the stories they talked about Simeon. I'm surprised it isn't mentioned at least a bit more, especially with biblical names becoming more popular. It comes from the Hebrew Shim'on meaning "he has heard". The only downside I can think of is how close it is to simian.

Calico - My sister has been telling about this book she's been reading called "Nyctophobia" by Christopher Fowler. It is about a woman named Calico "Callie" who marries and moves to Spain to a place called Hyperion House, which has a host of creepy things going on, such as darkened, uninhabited rooms, shadows, and apparitions. I couldn't help but think Calico was really sweet. It also features a character named Celestia.

Wallace - I rewatched "The Painted Veil" and wondered how Wallace would wear on a modern boy. I have to say the appeal of a little Wally is great. Wallace was originally a surname, English or Scottish in origin, which most likely meant "foreigner" or "Welsh".

Plum - I've loved this name for a long time, especially as a middle name. James Kicinski McCoy of the blog "Bleubird" has a great feature in which she takes pictures of her children every week and posts them on her blog. Her kids are Julian, Milla Plum, Birdie, and Sailor (b).


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