Idris Elba
Origin: Welsh
Gender: Male
Meaning: "Ardent lord"
Pronunciation: IHD-ris
Other forms: N/A

Since Idris Elba seems to be the new "it guy", I thought now would be the perfect time to profile his name. Idris comes from the Welsh udd meaning "lord" or "prince" and ris, "ardent, impulsive, enthusiastic". Mr. Elba is really Idrissa Akuna Elba; His father, Winston, is from Sierra Leone and his mother, Eve, is from Ghana. Although Idris is rather rare, there are other namesakes, including poet Idris Davies, Malaysian footballer Idris Abdul Karim, Saint Idris the Prophet, and a female example, Idris the Tardis from "Doctor Who".

Idris Gawr, or "Idris the Giant", was a King of Meirionnydd who was said to have won a battle against the Irish on the mountain Cadair Idris (known locally as Cader Idris), which means "Chair of Idris". Other legends state that there actually was a giant named Idris who used the mountain as a chair in which to study the stars. It is said that any one who spent a night there would either be bestowed with poetic inspiration, or madness. I love Idris - it is unusual but easy to pronounce - and I really hope with Idris Elba bringing the name into the spotlight it will become more popular.


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