Origin: English
Gender: Unisex
Meaning: Poetic term for a valley
Pronunciation: VAYL
Other forms: N/A

Savannah Guthrie of "The Today Show" just had a little girl she named Vale Guthrie Feldman. I've liked the name Vale for a really long time, though I actually prefer it for a boy. A vale is a poetic word for a valley, which comes from the Old French val, which was derived from the Latin vallis or vallem which meant "valley". I'm sure a few of you have even heard of the "vale of years" from "Othello", and the "vale of tears" saying. I think Vale is a really lovely and obscure nature name, that doesn't seem overly hippie.


  1. I wonder if Savannah Guthrie chose her daughter's name as a nod to her own.

  2. where did you get this picture and do you know who the model is? She is breathtaking and her eyes are so beautiful.

  3. I don't know who the model is, but I believe I got the picture from


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