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Usain Bolt Reveals Name of Baby Girl

Earlier in the year Olympian Usain Bolt and his longtime girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, welcomed their first child, a girl. They have now revealed that her name is Olympia Lightning Bolt.

The Children of Ludovika of Bavaria

Ludovika of Bavaria
Princess Ludovika of Bavaria was born Marie Ludovika Wilhelmine to Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and Karoline of Baden. She married Maximilian Joseph, Duke in Bavaria, or "Max".
Their children were:

Ludwig Wilhelm, "Ludwig Wilhelm, Duke in Bavaria", or "Louis"

Wilhelm Karl, "Wilhelm Karl, Duke in Bavaria"

Helene Caroline Therese, "Helene, Duchess in Bavaria", "Helene, Hereditary Princess of Thurn and Taxis", or "Néné"

Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie, "Elisabeth, Duchess in Bavaria", or "Sisi", later "Empress Elisabeth of Austria"

Karl-Theodor, "Karl-Theodor, Duke in Bavaria", or "Gackl"

Marie Sophie Amalie, "Marie Sophie, Duchess in Bavaria", later "Marie Sophie, Queen of the Two Sicilies"

Mathilde Ludovika, "Mathilde Ludovika, Duchess in Bavaria", later "Mathilde Ludovika, Countess of Trani"

Maximilian, "Maximilian, Duke in Bavaria" (Stillborn)

Sophie Charlotte Augustine, "Sophie Charlotte, Duchess in Bavaria", later "Sophie Charlotte, Duchess of Alençon"

Maximilian Emmanuel, "Maximilian Emmanuel, Duke in Bavaria", or "Mapperl"


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