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Usain Bolt Reveals Name of Baby Girl

Earlier in the year Olympian Usain Bolt and his longtime girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, welcomed their first child, a girl. They have now revealed that her name is Olympia Lightning Bolt.

The Children of Agnes Christina of Austria

Agnes Christina of Austria
Archduchess Agnes Christina of Austria was born Agnes Christina Franziska Karoline Theresia Raphaela Johanna Magdalena Huberta Josepha Ignatia to Archduke Hubert Salvator of Austria and Princess Rosemary of Salm-Salm. She married Prince Karl Alfred of Liechtenstein.
Their children were:

Dominik Volkmar Hubert Alois Maria Joseph Thaddäus Thomas Paulus Karl Ignatius Silverius, "Prince Dominik of Liechtenstein"

Andreas Duarte Emanuel Ulrich Benedikt Joseph Maria Karl Rafael Ignatius Mathias Paulus, "Prince Andreas of Liechtenstein"

Gregor Heinrich Augustinus Judas Thaddäus Joseph Maria Pius Paulus Antonius Stephan Salvator, "Prince Gregor of Liechtenstein"

Alexandra Maria Christina Aloisia Ulrike Henriette Agnes Ignatia Pia Gabriela Anastasia, "Princess Alexandra of Liechtenstein"

Maria Pia Ludovika Ulrika Elisabeth Paschaline Katharina Ignazia Lucia Johanna Josefa, "Princess Maria-Pia of Liechtenstein", later "Maria-Pia Kothbaur"

Katharina Maria Christina Henriette Valerie Agnes, "Princess Katharina of Liechtenstein"

Birgitta Ulrike Rosa Marie Elisabeth Aloisia Hermenegilde, "Princess Birgitta of Liechtenstein"


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