On My Mind: 6-9-14

L-R: Alana, Danielle, Este
Este - The band "Haim" consists of sisters Este Arielle, Danielle Sari, and Alana Mychal. Frequently compared to "Fleetwood Mac", the girls grew up on 70's rock and had a family band, in which their father Mordechai "Moti" played drums and their mother Donna played the guitar. The name Este was a real surprise to me, but a pleasant one. Este could be a form of many different names, from the Basque Esti to the Hungarian Eszti, but I think it is more than likely a form of Estee, a Jewish diminutive of Esther.

Reeve - I'm totally addicted to "Penny Dreadful" on Showtime, on which one of the main characters is Dorian Gray, played by actor and musician Reeve Carney. It is a surname, and is an occupational name for a steward or bailiff.

Vivendel - This name means "honeysuckle" in Norwegian, and is pronounced "VEE-ven-dell". I at first thought it was a Tolkien name, reminiscent of Rivendell, which would also make a wonderful and interesting literary name.

Booboo - I just saw "X-Men: Days of Future Past" yesterday, and I was excited to see actor Booboo Stewart once again, after first encountering him in "Eclipse". He was born Nils Allen Stewart, Jr. and has sisters named Maegan, Fivel, and Sage.

Hazel - "The Fault in Our Stars" is doing excellent at the box office, which is not shocking as the book has such a huge following. The main characters are Augustus and Hazel, two names which I expect to be hearing more frequently. Hazel was chosen by Emily Blunt earlier this year for her first child, so it also has the celebrity stamp of approval.

Ford - Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays Ford Brody in "Godzilla", a name which I can see catching on, especially with those who want an uber masculine choice . In 2011 Owen Wilson had a son named Robert Ford.


  1. Oh I really love these names too! I've liked Esme, but Este is a nice change,

    Loving Vivendell!! Gorgeous!


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