On My Mind: 5-5-14

Carolina Guerra as Ima in "Da Vinci's Demons"
Ima - We're in the second season of "Da Vinci's Demons" now, and they have travelled to the new world and encountered the Incas. A new character is a beautiful high priestess named Ima, pronounced "EE-ma". One source claims Ima is Japanese, and means "present", and another says it's a Dutch form of Emma.

Eros - Eros Vlahos plays Nico (a name I've come to really admire) on "Da Vinci's Demons", as in the Greek equivalent of Cupid. Fittingly so, Vlahos has a cherubic face complete with blonde curls. Eros has a brother named Tron.

Soredamor - In Arthurian mythology Soredamor is a sister of Gauvain, better known as Gawain. She has one other sister, Clairssant, and four other brothers, Agravain, Gareth, Gaheris, and Mordred. It is claimed that her name means "gilt by love". Here is a passage from "King Arthur and the Table Round" in which she explains it:
'T is not for naught that I am called Soredamor; by my name I can prove that I ought to love, and be loved.  The first portion meaneth the color of gold; 't is significant, for the blondest are the best.  The second part remindeth me of Love; so he who addresseth me, refresheth me with Love's hue.  Otherwise rendered, it signifieth Love's sister; honor hath Love done me, to entitle me thus; gilding of gold is not so fine as that which illumineth me.  Gilt by Love I will be, and will not refuse; I love, and will love forever..."

Drustan - An older form of Tristan, Drustan is believed to be a Pictish diminutive of Drust. It is also the name of a 7th century Saint, also known as Drostan.

Sitara - This Indian name means "star", and is as rare as it is beautiful. The Persian Setareh, is also as captivating.

Roux - I've finally read Joanne Harris' "Chocolat" after seeing the film quite some time ago. Most remember Johnny Depp as free-spirited Roux, who in the novel has flaming red hair. Roux is French, pronounced "ROO", and means "red". It is also an integral part of making a sauce.


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