Fetchingly Finnish

I have a soft spot for Finnish names. They have such beautiful sounds, and meanings. I can definitely see some catching on over here.


Ilta - "Evening"
Satu - "Fairy tale, fable"
Annikki - Diminutive of Anna
Tuuli - "Wind"
Tuulikki - "Little wind"
Suvi - "Summer"
Virva - "Will o' the wisp"
Meri - "The sea"
Taimi - "Sapling, young tree"
Sohvi - Form of Sophia
Minttu - "Mint"
Orvokki - "Pansy flower"
Sisko - "Sister"
Aamu - "Morning"
Vuokko - "Anemone flower"
Kielo - "Lily-of-the-valley"
Lumi - "Snow"
Marjo - Form of Maria
Pilvi - "Cloud"
Sini - "Blue"
Taika - "Magic, spell"
Vanamo - "Twinflower"
Esteri - Form of Esther


Otsu - "Bear"
Vesa - "Sprout, young tree"
Aatos - "Thought"
Taavi - Form of David
Usko - "Brave"
Paavali - Form of Paul
Arvo - "Value, worth"
Pyry - "Snowstorm, blizzard"
Veli - "Brother"


  1. I am of finnish heritage and thinking about using a finnish name. However living in the USA, I would like a name that is easy for most. Thoughts between Otsu - "Bear" vs Aatos - "Thought"?

    1. I really think Otsu would be the easiest for most Americans. It's very nice, too.


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