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The Children of Princess Helen of Serbia and Yugoslavia

Princess Helen of Serbia and Yugoslavia was born Princess Helena Karađorđević to Peter I of Serbia and Yugoslavia and Princess Zorka of Montenegro. She married Prince John Constantinovich of Russia, who was called "Ioanchik". It was a love match and shocked family members because they believed John might become a Russian Orthodox Monk.
Their children were: Vsevolod Ivanovich Romanov, "Prince Vsevolod Ivanovich"
Yekaterina Ivanovna Romanova, "Princess Catherine of Russia", later "Catherine, Marchesa Farace di Villaforesta"


This morning the coyotes were howling extremely loud, and it was very eerie. The dogs of course took off after them, and the cat ran into the bushes. This is probably only the second time we've heard coyotes this year. Since it is fall, they are probably starting to form packs. It was after I heard them this morning that I wondered if Coyote could ever work as a name? Probably not, but I'm going to profile it anyways.

Origin: Mexican/Spanish
Gender: Unisex
Meaning: Name of canine
Pronunciation: KYE-oh-tee
Other forms: N/A

The word coyote, comes from the Mexican/Spanish word, which is the same. It came from a Nahuatl word, cóyotl. Coyotes are pretty common all throughout North and Central America. They are also known as American jackals, or prairie wolves. Their scientific name, Canis latrans, means "barking dog" in Latin. In Texas and Oklahoma, it is common for coyotes to mate with domesticated dogs, and this is bad. The resulting animal is called a coydog and they are just as wild as coyotes, but more fearless. Coyotes are seen as pest, as they often kill livestock, though I can tell you, they have never killed more than two or three calves a year.

In Native American mythology, the coyote is a trickster, closely resembling the Norse God Loki, or Kistune of Japanese mythology. They sometimes appear in creation stories and are often male.

I happen to find coyotes beautiful, though I don't know if anybody else shares my sentiment. They are not very large, usually weighing between 15-45 pounds, and are grayish red.


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