A Collection of Names Taken from Consorts of the Lombards

"The Assassination of Alboin, King of the Lombards" by Charles Landseer
Listing consorts is possibly some of my favorite posts to do, so expect more to come!
The Lombards were a Germanic tribe who ruled in Italy from 568 to 774.

Radegund of the Thuringii
Austrigusa of the Gepids
Silinga of the Heruli
Rodelinda of the Thuringii
Chlothsind of the Franks
Rosamund of the Gepids
Chlodoswintha of Austrasia
Theodelinda of Bavaria
Gundiberga of the Lombards
Theodota of the Lombards
Guntrude of Bavaria
Hildegard of Vinzgouw
Fastrada of Franconia
Luitgard of Sundgau
Bertha of Gellone
Cunigunda of Laon
Ermengarde of Tours
Engelberga of Parma
Richilde of Provence
Richardis of Swabia


  1. I love the elaborate Theo- names for women ^_^

    1. Me too! Theodelinda is quite a mouthful, but still charming.


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