The Children of Ludwig III of Bavaria

Ludwig III with wife and eldest son

Ludwig III of Bavaria was born Ludwig Luitpold Josef Maria Aloys Alfried to Luitpold of Bavaria and Archduchess Augusta of Austria. He married Maria Theresia of Austria-Este, who was born Maria Theresia Henriette Dorothee.
Their children were:

Rupprecht Maria Luitpold Ferdinand, "Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria"

Adelgunde Marie Auguste Therese, "Princess Adelgunde of Bavaria"

Maria Ludwiga Theresia, "Princess Maria Ludwiga of Bavaria"

Karl Maria Luitpold, "Prince Karl of Bavaria"

Franz Maria Luitpold, "Prince Franz of Bavaria"

Mathilde Marie Theresia Henriette Christine Luitpolda, "Prince Mathilde of Bavaria"

Wolfgang, "Prince Wolfgang of Bavaria"

Hildegarde, "Princess Hildegarde of Bavaria"

Notburga, "Princess Notburga of Bavaria" (Lived only a few days)

Wiltrud, "Princess Wiltrud of Bavaria"

Helmtrud, "Princess Helmtrud of Bavaria"

Dietlinde, "Princess Dietlinde of Bavaria"

Gundeline, "Princess Gundelinde of Bavaria"


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