RawBeautyKristi Gives Birth!

One of my favorite beauty youtubers is RawBeautyKristi. She is so much more than just makeup - she is funny, has a big heart, and incredibly thoughtful. Kristi has struggled with infertility for years, and had finally resigned herself to the fact that she probably wouldn't be a mother. And then she got pregnant. I couldn't believe, I was so excited for her and equally excited for the name she would choose! In an Instagram post she revealed the name of her baby boy and the reasoning behind it:

"Alder Kelly 🌲
December 1st, 2020
6lbs 9.6oz - 20” long
This boy is the absolute light of our lives, I could have never imagined a love this could even exist. The word love isn’t strong enough to describe this feeling
• His name came to me in a dream. It was so vividly clear too, clear as day - my sons name is Alder.
I woke up, remembered it, wrote it down and when I woke up - told Zack. He loved it (and up until this point we could not agree on a name)
I texted my sister and told her and she said.. “OMG I LOVE IT.. and this is so weird.. but dad came over and gave me a potted tree this morning randomly, and it was an Alder tree” - also, the majority of the trees on our new land are Alders - it just felt so right.
His middle name is Kelly after my sweet momma."

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  1. I'm so happy for you!! I watched you lastnight cried with you congrats Mom and Dad!!!!